Oregon Beer News, 10/24/2011

I’ve noticed for awhile now that Dave over at Fermentedly Challenged has been posting mostly-daily “Colorado Beer News” posts that he updates throughout the day and I like the idea behind it—tidbits, not (necessarily) longer stories though these could certainly spawn longer stories—so I thought I’d try running a similar … Continue reading

Received: 4 beers from Widmer

Today I received a massive, 16-pound box from Widmer Brothers Brewing out of Portland. Like the last package I received from them, this one is made of reclaimed wood, and filled with packing material made from recycled, shredded coasters. The reason it was so big? There were four beers plus … Continue reading

Elysian, Pumpkin, New School

Terrific pair of articles today at The New School on Elysian Brewing’s Great Pumpkin Beer Festival, and an interview with Dick Cantwell, Elysian’s Brewmaster (and “the pumpkin guy”). I’ve been wanting to go to the Pumpkin Beer Fest for years now, and Ezra’s review (with lots of pictures) is the … Continue reading

Uinta Punk’n

Uinta Brewing is a Utah-based brewer that’s popped up on my radar recently—at least under the “Uinta” label. I have a bottle of their barleywine in my fridge (found at the Bier Stein in Eugene) and found their Punk’n Harvest Pumpkin Ale here in Bend this year. (They also apparently … Continue reading

Monday linkbait

A number of links that caught my eye recently that, while I might have more to say on them at some point, I thought were at least interesting enough to mention. Are Pumpkin Ales Really All That Divisive?: Alan links to an article at The Atlantic titled, “The Divisive Pumpkin … Continue reading

Received: Hop Trip, 2011 and 12-ounce edition

These came for me yesterday from Deschutes Brewery: Three bottles of delicious Hop Trip—and notice that this year, they are in 12-ounce bottles and not the 22-ounce bombers of previous years. I think this will make Hop Trip a bit more accessible since it’s available by the six-pack; regardless, I … Continue reading

Book Review: The Craft of Stone Brewing Co.

A little while back I received a review copy of The Craft of Stone Brewing Co., the new book (just released) celebrating the history and culture of everyone’s favorite Arrogant brewer, Stone Brewing. It’s part history, part informational reference, and part how-to, and overall presents an entertaining read on one … Continue reading

Pearl Jam anniversary beer (with Dogfish Head)

I like Pearl Jam and I like Dogfish Head, so I suppose at some point (given Dogfish’s recent musical tribute beers) this was inevitable: Faithfull Ale celebrates Pearl Jam milestone. Dogfish Head Craft Brewery is proud to announce the mid-October release of Faithfull Ale. Faithfull Ale is a celebration of … Continue reading

The Session #56: Thanks to the big boys

Today being the first Friday of the month means that beer bloggers are participating in The Session, though given this month’s topic I do have to wonder just how many are participating—and how hard it may be for them to do so. Because the topic comes to us from The … Continue reading

Kick, Pumpkin and Cranberry Ale

Kick is a collaboration pumpkin ale from Elysian Brewing and New Belgium Brewing and is released under New Belgium’s Lips of Faith series—and as such it is more than just another pumpkin beer. It is, in fact, a pumpkin and cranberry sour ale, 8.5% alcohol by volume, blended with wood-aged … Continue reading