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GABF 2011

Today marks the first day of the Great American Beer Festival, the country’s (if not the world’s?) largest kegger beer enthusiast event and competition taking place in Denver, Colorado. This is one of the best-known of beer events (one which I will someday attend) and while there’s been plenty of ink spilled over the years writing about it, a Twitter comment by Lew Bryson yesterday made me think of GABF in a different way: judging … Continue reading →

Fresh Hop Mirror Pond Pale Ale

I couldn’t resist looking at the Deschutes Brewing Fresh Hop Mirror Pond Pale Ale that I received in the fridge for too long; so of course it didn’t take me long to crack it open to drink and write about it. Aside from the high praise that this beer has been universally getting, one big reason I was excited for this beer was the sheer beer (and hops) geek factor involved in the use of … Continue reading →

Oregon Pumpkin Beer Hunt

When it comes to pumpkin beers (one of my favorite “styles” as you all well know) it’s always seemed to me that they are more an East Coast regional specialty* (much the same way that fresh hop beers are a West Coast—and more specifically Pacific Northwest—regional specialty). Hence I am always excited when I find pumpkin beers being brewed by Oregon breweries. Last year I had posted a (short) list of Oregon breweries that I … Continue reading →

OPB on Bend’s Beer (Bubble?), with me

There’s an article on OPB News today (that’s Oregon Public Broadcasting for those of you out-of-state) titled “Is There a Beer Bubble Bursting in Bend?” which covers some of the various Bend beer issues I’ve been following lately and (perhaps more importantly?) features a brief quote from me as well. And so far Good Life’s beer has been selling well. It has received positive reviews from beer reviewers such as Jon Abernathy. He writes a … Continue reading →

Sisters Fresh Hop Festival mini-review

On Saturday we headed over to Sisters to check out the Sisters Fresh Hop Festival, the first of the Fresh Hop Tastivals that are taking place around the state. I’m calling this a “mini-review” because as festivals go, it was fairly low-key with relatively few beers (which is actually rather nice) so we were only there a few hours plus I only took two actual photos. Overall it was a really nice event, though the … Continue reading →