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Where should the Beer Bloggers Conference be held in 2012?

Sunday near the end of the Beer Bloggers Conference I tweeted: “Where should the Beer Bloggers Conference be held next year?” I promised to run the results of this (informal) poll, and based on what I’ve seen, here are the various suggestions along with number of votes, counted up in a highly non-scientific manner: Philadelphia – 8 votes Asheville, NC – 5 votes East Coast – 5 votes Portland, ME – 4 votes Boston – … Continue reading →

Beer Bloggers Conference wrapped up

The Beer Bloggers Conference ended today and while I’m still writing about the final two days (that’s going to be a long post), I did just want to post a note saying that this was a great conference (as such things about blogging go, I imagine) and I found it incredibly valuable. Much thanks out to the organizers (Alan and Elle, great work). And it was great meeting so many other bloggers that I’ve only … Continue reading →

Beer Bloggers Conference live beer blogging

Live beer blogging! I’ll be updating this live for the next 40 or so minutes (and I’ll have pictures later). First up: Widmer Brothers Prickly Pear Braggot, from 2010. This has really aged well and was presented to us by Rob Widmer himself. 10% abv. Fruity, nice mead character, almost a wine-like quality. Next is Karl Strauss Boardwalk Black Rye, presented by Ryan Ross. 8%abv, kind of a Black Rye IPA/CDA/whatever you want to call … Continue reading →

Beer Bloggers Conference, day 1

The first day of the Beer Bloggers Conference kicked off roughly at noon with the registration and meet-and-greet, and (naturally) beer: Widmer’s Falconer’s IPA, and Sierra Nevada’s Tumbler Brown and Ovila Saison in particular were among the samples I tried. There was plenty of swag to be had, too: including scoring a T-shirt, mug and hop-infused cigar from Gerard from Road Trips for Beer. The keynote by John Foyston and Fred Eckhardt (following a good … Continue reading →

The Beer Bloggers Conference is underway

As I write this I’m currently sitting at the Beer Bloggers Conference during the presentation by the Brooklyn Brewshop on small-batch homebrewing, and so far it’s been a good start; in particular the keynote from John Foyston and Fred Eckhardt has been standout. Shortly we’ll be leaving for the hop fields, but in the meantime you can follow along with my “live” blogging aspects on my Twitter account.