The Little Woody beer list

Here is the list of beers that will be pouring at this weekend’s The Little Woody barrel-aged beer festival in Bend this weekend—lots of good stuff here: Hopworks Urban Brewery Bourbon Ace of Spades Hopworks award-winning Imperial IPA aged for two months in Buffalo Trace Bourbon barrels. 10% ABV, 100-plus … Continue reading

The Little Woody

I can’t believe I’ve almost neglected to mention that The Little Woody, Bend’s barrel-aged brewfest, is coming up this Labor Day weekend—this Friday and Saturday, September 2nd and 3rd, to be exact! This year marks the third showing for this festival, which features barrel- and wood-aged beers from Central Oregon’s … Continue reading

Widmer Falconer’s IPA

Falconer’s IPA from Widmer Brothers is the latest in their “Rotator IPA” series, the company’s experimental IPA line, and is just hitting the shelves now. (You’ll recall that I received two sample bottles of Falconer’s two week back.) It’s a 7% abv IPA made with Falconer’s Flight™ hops, a proprietary … Continue reading

Photos from the Beer Bloggers Conference

Finally, to wrap up my blogging about the Beer Bloggers Conference (for now), a collection of pictures we took while at the Conference last weekend: Presented for the most part in chronological order.

The Traveling Growler

We have friends who had decided this summer to embark on a year-long RV trip around the U.S. (sound familiar?) and one of the things they set out to do along the way was bring a growler from Oregon (in this case a Hydroflask growler) and visit various breweries to … Continue reading

The Fresh Hop beers are brewing!

The hop harvest seems to be ready early this year: both Deschutes Brewery and 10 Barrel Brewing this week are brewing fresh hop beers, 10 Barrel in real-time even as I write this. On Tuesday, Veronica Vega (brewer at the Deschutes Pub in Bend) tweeted, “The first fresh hops of … Continue reading

The next Session: Label art

Actually it’s more than just label art: Curtis over at HopHeadSaid is hosting the September Session, and he’s asking us to write about Label, Coaster, and Cap Art. Now it is time to dig through your stash and share your favorite label, coaster or cap art. Posting Directions: Choose your … Continue reading

Saranac Pale Ale and IPA

Even though I’m excited to try the Saranac Pumpkin Ale that was among the bottles sent to me from Saranac (AKA Matt Brewing) earlier this month, I have never had any of the Saranac line of beers so I wanted to try their Pale Ale and IPA first, to get … Continue reading

Beer Bloggers Conference, day 3

With day 1 and day 2 write-ups out of the way, I’m finally into the home stretch of writing about the third and final day of the Beer Bloggers Conference. This was a half day, consisting essentially of two sessions: beer blogger presentations, where there were eight 10 to 15-minute … Continue reading

Beer Bloggers Conference, day 2

Following day 1 of the Beer Bloggers Conference, you might recall that I had, er, a bit of hangover so my morning started out slowly—but I was downstairs in time for the first of the sessions at 9:30. I will note upon reflection that day 1 seems (to me) to … Continue reading