Medford Beer Week – right now!

In my Oregon beer calendar for June post I forgot to mention that Medford Beer Week is taking place this month—in fact, it’s taking place this week! The first Beer Week for the Southern Oregon city kicked off yesterday, the 12th, and runs through the 18th (Saturday). There’s a nice-looking … Continue reading

Larry Sidor to be leaving Deschutes Brewery at the end of 2011

Local(ish) beer blogs are buzzing with the news that broke today that Larry Sidor, the Brewmaster at Deschutes Brewery, will be leaving Deschutes at the end of this year. Both a press release and a Q&A session (conducted by Marie Melsheimer who does PR for the Brewery) were sent out … Continue reading

In the news: Local IPA showdown

I and four other local beer folks are in the local news today, wherein we participated in a blind tasting of IPAs from all of Central Oregon’s nine breweries—the first such head-to-head comparison of our local brews that I’m aware of. The results were surprising, but more on that in … Continue reading

Alexander Keith’s and virtual beer tasting

This week I received three beers plus a pint glass representing Canadian brewery Alexander Keith’s (Canadian webpage here) new push into the U.S. market. Keith’s was founded in Nova Scotia in 1820 and though it’s been available in Canada since that time, this is the first time that the Keith’s … Continue reading

The Session #52: Beer Collectibles & Breweriana

The first Friday of the month means it’s time for The Session, the group beer blogging day open to anyone to write about a common theme. This month the hosting honors go to All Over Beer with an interesting topic: Beer Collectibles and Breweriana. As host of Session #52, I’ve … Continue reading

Oregon beer calendar for June

With the summertime months here (even if the weather has yet to catch up), we’re seeing an uptick in the number of beer events and festivals throughout Oregon—though most of what I’ve listed here are around Portland or Central Oregon so if you know more tell me about them. The … Continue reading