Beer Bloggers Conference – Portland

This year’s Beer Bloggers Conference (which I don’t believe I’ve talked about yet) is talking place August 19th through 21st in Portland (Oregon)—relatively close to home for me. The overall agenda is still being finalized, but so far it’s looking really good: a dual-keynote speech from Fred Eckhardt and John … Continue reading

ReviewsAlexander Keith’s Nova Scotia Style Brown

Like the Lager and the Pale Ale, the Nova Scotia Brown from Alexander Keith’s was sent to me as part of the virtual tasting earlier in the month. Also like the others, this one weighs in at 5.4% alcohol by volume, and is brewed in New York (by Anheuser-Busch) even … Continue reading

Upcoming reviews and underserved Oregon beer regions

My wife and I spent the past weekend in Bandon, on the southern Oregon coast, and though it wasn’t a beer trip—southwest Oregon is noticeably lacking in many breweries—we did stop somewhat briefly at Hop Valley Brewing in Springfield (adjacent to Eugene) and at Brewers Union Local 180 in Oakridge, … Continue reading

Alexander Keith’s Nova Scotia Style Pale Ale

The Nova Scotia Style Pale Ale was the second of the Alexander Keith’s beers I opened from the virtual tasting; like the lager, this is 5.4% alcohol by volume. It’s brewed loosely to an American Pale Ale style but struck me as more of an English-style ale with its hopping. … Continue reading

Brewer Chad Kennedy coming to Bend

I’m not sure how I missed Brewpublic breaking this news five days ago, but a hat-tip to Foyston for pointing me to it: brewer Chad Kennedy is leaving Laurelwood Brewing in Portland and is planning on opening a new brewery in Bend. Yes, another new brewery here. Today Brewmaster Chad … Continue reading

Alexander Keith’s Nova Scotia Style Lager

The Nova Scotia Style Lager was the first of the Alexander Keith’s beers I opened after the virtual tasting a couple of weeks ago. If you recall, the three AK beers available in the U.S. are brewed by Anheuser-Busch in New York, even though the brewery itself hails from Canada. … Continue reading

Oregon Brewers Festival next month

It’s just a bit over a month away until this year’s Oregon Brewers Festival, and I’m starting to get excited for it: this will be the first time in a few years that I’ll be able to make it to Portland to attend the Fest. It’s taking place July 28th … Continue reading

The next Session: Redemption

The next Session—number 53—has been announced for July, and it comes to us from the Beer Briefing blog: Beer Redemption. No, not that Redemption, but one I’m sure we’re all familiar with nonetheless: One thing about drinking a lot of beer is that occasionally you’re going to have a bad … Continue reading

Bull Ridge Brewpub: A new brewery for Baker City

A beer news post over on The New School yesterday talks about a new brewery slated for Eastern Oregon’s Baker City, the Bull Ridge Brewpub. A new 3-part business plan has just been recommended for approval by the OLCC in Baker City, OR (also home of Barley Browns). The Bull … Continue reading

More on Larry Sidor’s plans

Right on the heels of the news that Brewmaster Larry Sidor is leaving Deschutes Brewery at the end of this year, The Daily Pull today publishes some additional information: Just days after the announcement that brewmaster Larry Sidor will be leaving Deschutes Brewery, Portland Business Journal reports that “Sidor and … Continue reading