Monthly Archives: April 2011

Oregon’s April beer fests

April must be the start of beer festival season here in Oregon, as the last three weekends of the month each see a brewfest that would be worth visiting. (Not discounting last month’s Barleywine Fest at the Lucky Lab, but this month is when they seem to start happening in quantity.) On Saturday April 16th, the Green Dragon in Portland is hosting their 4th annual Firkin Fest, dedicated entirely to cask ales. The fest is … Continue reading →

Pierre Celis has passed away

I first saw this news over on Jay’s site two days ago, and since then there’s been much more written: Pierre Celis passed away at the age of 86. Celis was the brewer who single-handedly revived the Belgian Witbier style in the 1960s while brewing for Hoegaarden, and went on to found the Celis Brewery and produce the well-known Celis White here in America—from Texas of all places. I don’t have any pithy stories to … Continue reading →

The next Session: Beer and Cheese

Jay Brooks is hosting the next Session—#51, coming up May 6th—and the topic he’s put together is the most involved Session yet: The Great Online Beer & Cheese-Off. It’s complicated, so be sure to go read the entire post, but here’s the nutshell version: Below are three cheeses. I chose ones that I believe are available throughout the U.S. and quite possibly beyond our shores. And they all sell via mail order, too. So pick … Continue reading →

Portland Fruit Beer Festival poster

I initially wrote the other day about the Portland Fruit Beer Festival coming up in June; and today Ezra over at The New School posted a (preliminary?) image of the poster for the fest: So we have some more info now: 11 to 9 on June 11th, 11 to 6 on the 12th; 15+ breweries and 20+ beers. Definitely sounds intriguing. *If this image goes away I’ll post a copy locally.

Stone Lukcy Basartd Ale

No, that is not a typo in the title—it’s much harder to misspell correctly! Stone Brewing offered up Lukcy Basartd Ale this past November as a one-time release, celebrating 13 years of Arrogant Bastard (a blend of Arrogant and Double Bastard, apparently). They decided to get clever on the packaging, scrambling up the letters in the way that are still readable: the first and last letters are in the right place, but the rest for … Continue reading →