Monthly Archives: April 2011

Press Release: Full Sail Hosts Brewery Open House for Mother’s Day

This Mother’s Day, show your mom some love with quality time and a local beer. She’s been teaching you for years; it’s your turn to show her a thing or two. So grab your mom and swing by Full Sail, take a tour, grab a bite, have a pint and soak up the view. Share with her your favorite beer, treat her to a meal and Full Sail will treat her to dessert. Who knows? … Continue reading →

Press Release: First annual Portland Fruit Beer Festival

A new kind of beer festival kicks off this June outside of one of Portland’s newest breweries, Burnside Brewing. Fruit beers are the red-headed stepchild of craft beer, often overlooked by beer lovers because of preconceptions that they are sweet, boring, or artificially flavored. The first annual Portland Fruit Beer Festival aims to change all that and open minds to the strange and exotic possibilities that fruit beers can offer. Featuring more than 20 different beers from … Continue reading →

Medford Beer Week!

Almost immediately after discovering and blogging about Eugene Beer Week, I stumbled across Medford Beer Week: taking place June 12th through 18th in Medford, Oregon. Not as many events registered yet as for Eugene, but they’ve got a bit over a month to add more, and from what I see so far it’s shaping up to be a nice lineup.

Eugene Beer Week?

Why didn’t anyone tell me there was a Eugene Beer Week, and that it’s next week? With a really nice lineup of events, too. Somehow, completely off my radar… I might have to turn in my beer blogging badge… This is the first Oregon-based “Beer Week” that I’ve seen, and I’m a little surprised it didn’t happen in Portland first. Regardless, this looks pretty impressive; too bad Eugene isn’t very convenient to me (particularly during … Continue reading →

Received: A trio of Twilight Ales

These came yesterday from Deschutes Brewery: Twilight Ale, Deschutes’ seasonal beer for summer, which is on the shelves from May through September. It’s a favorite, though the Central Oregon spring has not been one to put you in the mood for summer (yet). But that’s okay, I always enjoy Twilight.