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Hop Press: Brewing local

Over on Hop Press this weekend I posted “Sourcing—and growing—local” contemplating breweries that are brewing beers with entirely-local ingredients. The two breweries that are growing their own ingredients right now, of course, are Sierra Nevada and Rogue: both offer “estate” beers that are brewed with malt and hops that are either grown on their own property or on land they lease. While very few breweries can afford to grow their own ingredients—Rogue and Sierra Nevada … Continue reading →

Press Release: Grand Teton Brewing Company Crafts First All-Idaho Beer

Idaho Pale Ale Brewed Only with Idaho Malt, Hops. Grand Teton Brewing Company, known throughout the West for their exceptional craft brews, has created what might be the first-ever all-Idaho beer, named “Idaho Pale Ale.” This exceptionally flavorful India Pale Ale (IPA)-style brew was crafted only with hops grown in Southwest Idaho, high country barley grown and malted in Southeast Idaho, and pure Teton mountain spring water. The hops are the highlight of this beer, … Continue reading →

Oregon homebrew bill passes House, goes to Governor

It was just over three weeks ago that the Oregon homebrew bill (SB 444) passed the State Senate; and the good news from Salem yesterday is that it also unanimously passed in the House as well. That means being able to transport homebrewed beer and hold homebrew competitions is nearly legal in Oregon again; the bill now has to be signed by the Governor. There’s no word on when that will happen, though in Oregon … Continue reading →

St. Patrick’s Day beer in Bend

St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner, and (partially) at the behest of a reader, I’m compiling a list of the appropriately-themed beers from Bend’s various breweries. Of course, an Irish-themed holiday usually calls for Stout, so I’ve listed each brewery’s house Stout (if they have one)—but of course, it’s the seasonals we’re after as well. Update: BBC also has Irish Stout, according to their Facebook post today. Deschutes Brewery Obsidian Stout: “Obsidian Stout … Continue reading →

Pliny the Younger

I made mention in this month’s Session post about Russian River Brewing‘s Pliny the Younger making an extremely rare appearance at The Abbey Pub: a single five-gallon keg, tapped at noon on Saturday the 5th, with 10-ounce glasses for $8.50. One of the very few kegs, I’m sure, to make it north of the California-Oregon border, and quite a coup for Geoff (owner of The Abbey) to pull off. I made it to the Pub … Continue reading →