Below Grade Brewing approved?

Back in September there was a flurry of new breweries in Bend being announced, and Below Grade was the latest of them. I hadn’t heard much more about them until a note on Twitter today: Excited about walking down the street (6 doors) to fill my growler of beer from … Continue reading

Genesee Beer

I’ve still got a backlog of beer reviews that I may yet get around to posting (even though straight beer reviews simply contribute to the sorry state of beer blogging) but I thought this review would dovetail nicely in with the latest Session regarding regular beer: it hits two of … Continue reading

The Session #49: Regular Beer

This month’s Session kicks off the fifth year of “Beer Blogging Friday” originally proposed and started by Stan Hieronymus—and appropriately enough, Stan is once again taking up the hosting mantle (he hosted the very first Session in March 2007). The topic Stan chose for this month is “Regular Beer“: Please … Continue reading

Delayed Session

This will be the first time in what—four years?—that I didn’t publish a Session post on the actual day of The Session. But, there have been extenuating circumstances today (the death of a pet) that kept me from getting anything substantial written. I’ll catch up this weekend with something on … Continue reading

Lovely Cherry Baltic Porter

This past year at the Great American Beer Festival Tonya Cornett of Bend Brewing Company won a silver medal for her Cherry Baltic Porter, and while it was initially a GABF-only brew, it is now more generally available (though I believe BBC had brewed a Baltic Porter in the past). … Continue reading