Monthly Archives: February 2011

Press Release: Gorge Visitors Vote Full Sail Brewing “Best in the Gorge”

In 2010, the Gorge Guide®, the official visitor guide of the Columbia River Gorge, asked visitors to vote for their favorite Gorge activities and places online at The results are in and Full Sail is the proud recipient of two Bests of the Gorge awards. The Full Sail Tasting Room and Pub was voted the “Best Brewpub” and their Brewery Tours were voted “Best Tour.” “With so many things to see and do in … Continue reading →

The Session #48: Does dispense matter?

I think The Session snuck up on me this month, or January just flew by way too fast! This month’s topic comes from the Reluctant Scooper, and he’s asking the question, Does dispense matter? The method of beer dispense often raises the hackles of even the most seasoned beer drinker. Some evangilise about living, breathing cask as being the one true way. Others heartily support the pressurised keg. The humble tinny has its fans. Lovers … Continue reading →

Help Advance Homebrewing Legislation in Oregon

This email from the Brewers Association is hitting the inboxes of Oregon homebrewers, and it’s for a good cause: supporting Oregon Senate Bill 444 which seeks to amend the 30-year-old law regarding homebrewed beer which was reinterpreted last year. Many of you are likely aware that the Oregon Liquor Control Commission determined last year that under existing Oregon law, homebrew cannot be consumed outside the home where the beer was produced. The American Homebrewers Association … Continue reading →

Deschutes has Brett in some beer

Two days ago Deschutes Brewery posted a very interesting item on their blog, which I’m excerpting (the full post is worth a read, so go do that too): But, we also had the Black Butte XXII issue and we have had recurring comments about sour 2009 The Abyss. Now, we have similar comments about 2009 Mirror Mirror. We have been very forthright and outspoken about 2009 The Abyss and we are here to report we, … Continue reading →

Press Release: Pike Brewing’s 3rd Annual Chocofest

Billed as “foreplay before the big day”, Pike‘s 3rd Annual Chocofest is a romantic and educational way to discover the wide variety of chocolate treats from here and around the world. Stations set up throughout the Micro Brewery Museum and Naughty Nelly Room feature different chocolate treats, each presented by an expert (often the producers themselves). Adjacent to each chocolate table is a drink table staffed with experts to sample and explain their beverages. This … Continue reading →