Monthly Archives: February 2011

Hop Press: Mirror Pond test beers and Zwickelmania

Over on the Hop Press this weekend I wrote about a couple of (overdue) items: test beers of Mirror Pond Pale Ale from Deschutes Brewery, and the local Zwickelmania wrap-up. Not too long ago Deschutes started a new online marketing project for members of their Bitter Truth newsletter (the email edition): the “Deschutes Brewery Advisory Board.” At first I thought this was a (rather brilliant) segmented email list where users who would join (like I … Continue reading →

Oregon SB 444 (the homebrewing bill) passes the Senate

Great news coming out of Salem, today: SB 444 (fixing Oregon’s screwed-up homebrew laws) passed the Oregon Senate and is now going to the House. If and when it passes the House, it will then be legal for homebrewers to transport their beer out of their house again. I saw the story locally first, though it’s hitting other news sites as well. Interestingly, the last line in the KTVZ story I linked to says (about … Continue reading →

The next Session: Regular beer

Hosting duties seem to have come full circle for Stan for The Session, as he’s hosting March’s edition (#49)—Season Five, as he calls it. The topic is “Regular beer“: Please write about a regular beer (time to lose the quotation marks). You get to define what that means, but a few possibilities: * It might be your “go to” beer, brewed commercially or at home. The one you drink regularly. * I could be a … Continue reading →

Theme Week: On hiatus

This week would ordinarily be the monthly Theme Week here, but instead I’m putting it on hiatus for the near future. Not because I don’t have ideas of things to write about—rather, I have too many ideas for things I want to do, and (of course) never enough time to devote to it all. So instead of phoning it in (as it were), I’m putting Theme Week on hold to catch up on other blog … Continue reading →

So what is The Stoic?

A couple of weeks ago I received the media tip sheet for Deschutes Brewery, detailing upcoming events and beers, and while most of the items on the list were known quantities (Twilight, Hop in the Dark, Zwickelmania), there’s an intriguing new beer listed under mysterious circumstances: The Stoic, to be released in April. Reserve Series (22-ounce wax-dipped bottles and draft) The newest beer to join our coveted Reserve Series, this brew is so new that … Continue reading →