Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy—or Hoppy—Thanksgiving! Hope everyone’s safe and happy and enjoying some tasty beers today. I might post something later with pictures of various beers being consumed today; we’ll see how awake I am later. In the meantime, enjoy the holiday!

Thanksgiving Week: Thanksgiving Beer

The title of this post might seem redundant since I just talked about beers to pair with Thanksgiving dinner, but on the contrary: I was wondering, there are beers brewed specifically for other holidays, so does anyone actually make a beer specifically for Thanksgiving (as opposed to “beers to pair … Continue reading

Thanksgiving Week (2010)

This week it’s Thanksgiving here in the U.S., and also coincides with Theme Week here at The Brew Site, so I thought I’d do something similar to last year and combine the two with Thanksgiving-themed blogging to round out the holiday. Thanksgiving naturally evokes the beer-and-meal pairing posts from the … Continue reading

McMenamins’ Terminator Stout is 25 years old this week

I just discovered that one of McMenamins‘ flagship beers, their Terminator Stout, is turning 25 years old this week on November 19th. Apparently it was the 12th beer brewed by McMenamins—not just the 12th beer at a particular McMenamins location, but their 12th ever. So this Friday they’ve got a … Continue reading

The Dissident v2.0

Deschutes Brewery is about to unleash The Dissident, their Flanders Oud Bruin-style wild ale, with an official release party this Friday the 19th (both in Bend and Portland). This year’s version is 10% alcohol by volume (the original was billed at 9%) and it should be interesting to compare side-by-side … Continue reading

The next Session: An Unexpected Discovery

Session #46 for next month (December 3rd, in fact) has been announced, and it’s being hosted by Burgers and Brews: An Unexpected Discovery. What I was surprised to find was that despite all the amazing stops I planned, one of the best beer experiences of the trip was completely accidental. … Continue reading

Quick review: Mt. Hood Brewing (& Ice Axe Grill)

This past Saturday I had occasion to make a very quick trip up to Portland (actually only into Gresham), and on the way home we (my dad, my brother, and I) were passing through Government Camp and decided to stop for lunch at the Ice Axe Grill, which is also … Continue reading

The Session #45: Wheat Beers

Today is the first Friday of the month, which means it’s time for another round of The Session: collaborative beer blogging! This month is being hosted by BeerTaster.ca, and the topic they’ve chosen is Wheat Beers: We have the honour of hosting the 45th session which allows us to choose … Continue reading

The Beer Bloggers Conference begins tomorrow

Or, as is more likely when you’re reading this, the Beer Bloggers Conference begins today. Alas, I will not be attending. I had hoped I would have been able to, but the timing of various other events prevented it. It’s gonna be great, too, I think—even for a first-time conference … Continue reading