Hop Press: Brewing with Pumpkin

Continuing with my “pumpkin month” theme, this weekend’s Hop Press post was titled “Brewing with Pumpkin” and serves as an overview/primer on that very topic: I suppose it should go without saying, that for a beer to be considered a “pumpkin beer” it should have real pumpkin added at some … Continue reading

Pumpkin ale recipe (all-grain)

It’s been a few years since I published my original extract-based pumpkin ale recipe, and since I’ve recently started all-grain brewing, I decided to develop and publish an all-grain version of that recipe. (And as a proper test of it, I brewed this beer the weekend before last and it’s … Continue reading

Pumpkin precursors

We’re still two weeks away from Pumpkin Beer Week but I’ve got pumpkin beer on the brain right now, so this may well turn out to be more of a Pumpkin Beer Month. For instance, I’m about to publish a new all-grain pumpkin ale recipe (the all-grain version of this … Continue reading

Killer Beers of Bend (in Portland)

The Brewpublic blog is turning two this month, and they’re celebrating by holding “KillerBeerWeek” later this month—and it starts out with Killer Beers of Bend at The Beermongers bottle shop and micro bar on October 20th. Starting at 5pm, you’ll be able to taste some of the fine beers of … Continue reading

Hop Trip (2010)

Ah, the first Hop Trip of the season; I enjoyed Deschutes Brewery‘s annual fresh hop beer this evening—one that’s been brewed every year since 2005—and every year it’s the seasonal variations that keep this (style of) beer interesting and help highlight just what an agricultural product beer actually is. Last … Continue reading

The next Session: Wheat Beers

The next Session has been announced, and it’s being hosted by Canadian blog BeerTaster.ca. The topic is “Wheat Beers” and we’ll be going back to the roots of the Session: We have the honour of hosting the 45th session which allows us to choose the topic we will all be … Continue reading

Received: Hop Trip

Hop Trip, Deschutes Brewery’s fresh hop pale ale, is out, and I received a bottle today: These fresh hop beers are best enjoyed fresh, so I’ll be writing about this one pretty soon.

The Session #44: Frankenstein Beers (Unusual Beer Week)

The first Friday of the month means one particular thing for beer bloggers: The Session! It’s a monthly collaborative blogging effort where we all write a post following a common theme, which is chosen each month by a different blogger who gets the “hosting” duties. This month’s host is Ashley … Continue reading