The Session #43: Welcoming the New Kids

It’s the first Friday of September, so that means it’s time again for another round of The Session! The Session is a group blogging effort hosted each month by a different blogger (who gets to select the topic for the month) where anyone and everyone who wants to participate only … Continue reading

Antibiotic beer brewed 2000 years ago

There’s a fascinating science story just out, revealing that ancient Nubians two millennia ago were consuming large amounts of the antibiotic tetracycline most likely in the form of beer. Yet another reason beer is healthy! There are several sites running the story, but Wired has the most beer-centric version: Chemical … Continue reading

Hop Press: Deschutes Brewery VIP Tour and Media Event

Last week I was invited to a special VIP tour and media event over at Deschutes Brewery, and I wrote about it for my weekend Hop Press article. It was pretty cool, and there are a number of interesting tidbits I learned. Green Lakes Organic Ale: The Brewery loves this … Continue reading