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The Oregon GABF winners

The Great American Beer Festival awards ceremony was yesterday (I watched part of it live online), and the official results are posted today. Oregon’s brewers brought home a number of medals, and I’m pleased (as always) to see that Bend had a good representation as well. Bend winners: Deschutes Brewery: Category 14: Gluten Free Beer: Silver for Gluten Free Category 43: Classic English-Style Pale Ale: Gold for Mirror Pond Pale Ale Category 53: Extra Special … Continue reading →

Hop Press: Fests!

Over on my Hop Press article this weekend I touch on the season of festivals: including the start of Oktoberfest, the Great American Beer Festival, and the upcoming Fresh Hop Tastivals (back again this year). Getting a little more local, Oregon has the start of their Fresh Hop Tastivals next weekend, in the small Central Oregon town of Sisters: four of these in all (one each weekend for four weeks) around the state to highlight … Continue reading →

Bend Brewery Fever: Yes, another: Below Grade Brewing

I could not make this up: after yesterday’s newspaper article and post about Old Mill Brew Werks, Bend’s eighth (proposed) brewery, I take a look at the Business section of the paper and work this morning and nearly spit out my coffee: another brewery planning to open! Titled “11 breweries and counting: Below Grade plans to start small in Bend,” it’s behind the paywall (again) so here’s some transcripted pulls, presented without comment (I’m not … Continue reading →

Suddenly there’s ANOTHER brewery opening up in Bend: Old Mill Brew Werks

The Bend Bulletin today ran an article (behind their paywall, so I won’t link it) about yet another brewery that is opening up in Bend, right on the heels of my writeup about Noble Brewing: Old Mill Brew Werks. I’m a little gobsmacked, honestly, because Noble Brewing hasn’t even opened yet and I’m already thinking Bend is at capacity/saturation for local breweries. Here’s some pulls from the article (I had a real paper handy, thus … Continue reading →

Some (late) weekend beer notes

Our friends Paul and Sandi came over this past Saturday and brought a growler of Deschutes Brewery‘s pub-only King Screamer IPA. According to the Brewery’s What’s on Tap page, this is a 68 IBU, 6.7% ABV brew with this whimsical description: The Royal Hop Commission of Deschutes Brewery hereby decrees your taste buds satisfied in all three realms of the Queen Regency (Bitterness, Flavor & Aroma). Don’t fear, this beer is a benevolent dictator. It … Continue reading →