Monthly Archives: September 2010

In the local paper, on the new breweries

Today’s (Sunday’s) edition of the Bend Bulletin has a long(ish) article on the new breweries cropping up in Central Oregon of late; the article is behind the Bulletin’s paywall so I can’t link you to it, but suffice to say I have a brief quote near the end of it. The reporter had contacted me earlier in the week and we chatted about the brewery growth for a few minutes; I’m pretty sure I spoke … Continue reading →

Another brewery rumor

Perhaps this should be filed under “brewmors.” But on the topic of new breweries in Bend, rumor has it that there could be another at some point (probably next year at the very earliest). All I’ve heard for sure is that someone bought a five-barrel brewing system from Boneyard Beer (left over from their last expansion) and might be doing something with it. Pretty vague, I know, but at the very least that places another … Continue reading →

Sisters Fresh Hop Festival (first of the Fresh Hop Tastivals)

This Saturday, September 25th, the first of the Fresh Hop Tastivals is taking place here in Central Oregon, in the small town of Sisters (home of Three Creeks Brewing): the Sisters Fresh Hop Festival. Taking place from noon until 9pm at the Village Green Park (“under the tent”), it follows the standard festival format of a $5 mug and $1 per taste (4 ounce pours). Besides the beer, there will be food, live music, and … Continue reading →

Jubelale (2010)

This week is the official Deschutes Brewery release of their annual Winter Warmer, Jubelale (the release party at the Portland Pub was yesterday, and the Bend Pub is hold their release party today at 5:30), so to coincide with that I opened up one of the bottles they had sent me last month to enjoy and review. Okay, maybe less of a review and more of waxing rhapsodic about the beer—because frankly, I’ve written a … Continue reading →

Next week’s Theme Week: The Unusual

This week being the last full week of September, I would have normally (by my own “rules”) been running a Theme Week, but after batting around some ideas (back to school, fall harvests, pumpkins), I decided that next week instead will be Theme Week, and I’m tailoring it so it will lead up to next Friday’s Session on Frankenstein beers. Thus, next week will be all about the unusual beers—those with something different, experimental, or … Continue reading →