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Received: 33 Beers

No, I didn’t receive 33 literal beers (I wish!), but rather the beer sketchbooks 33 Bottles of Beer. Portland beer blogger and journal entrepreneur Dave Seldon of The Champagne of Blogs is the man behind the booklets, and it’s a clever and well-executed idea (one I wish I’d had). The premise is, these are pocket-sized beer journals ideally suited to note-taking during events like beer festivals where it’s not very convenient to lug around a … Continue reading →

Bend’s two beer festivals

The two big beer festivals for Bend are just around the corner, and are nearly back-to-back: the Bend Brewfest is coming up this weekend, and The Little Woody is two weeks after that, on Labor Day weekend. Interesting how that worked out on timing; a little closer together and we almost could have had a Bend Beer Week. The Bend Brewfest takes place Friday the 20th and Saturday the 21st, from 4 until 11pm and … Continue reading →

Hop Press: Batch sparge grain bill calculator

Over on Hop Press today, I have an article that is pointing back to this site: I’ve developed an online (Javascript) version of the batch sparge calculations that John Palmer outlines in How to Brew. The actual calculator is here. Last week’s Hop Press article has a bit more backstory.


Last year, Stone Brewing teamed up with Scotland’s BrewDog to brew up a collaboration beer, and Bashah was the result: a “Black Belgian Double IPA” (how’s that for a style designation?) that weighs in at 8.6% alcohol by volume. (Yes, this was last year’s beer—this is a review from February I hadn’t posted yet, though I’ve still seen Bashah on the shelves, so if you have a decent bottleshop nearby there’s a chance you can … Continue reading →

Urban Chestnut Brewing (from former A-B employees)

The news (and press release) making the rounds right now is the imminent opening of Urban Chestnut Brewing, a St. Louis brewery start-up made most notable by the fact that it’s being started by two former Anheuser-Busch employees. One is a former brewer for A-B, the other was in sales and marketing. The PR is hitting all the right points for craft beer marketing—here’s a pull: UCBC likes to call its unique brewing philosophy Beer … Continue reading →