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The Little Woody: The beers

The beer list for The Little Woody, Bend’s barrel-aged beer festival (more here), came out today, and it’s looking really good. There are actually two versions of the beer list: one on the official site, and another one released over on Bend Oregon Restaurants (it’s from the marketing copy that the organizing company sent out). You can view those pages for more details on the style and making of the beers, but in the meantime … Continue reading →

The next Session is this week

It’s a bit of a late announcement this time around, but remember The Session is coming up this Friday (September 3rd). Session #43 is being hosted by The Beer Babe, Carla Companion, and the topic is “Welcoming the New Kids.” With the astounding growth of the number of craft breweries this year, chances are there’s a new one in development, or has just started out in your area. My challenge to you is to seek … Continue reading →

Fruit Beer Week: Lost Coast Raspberry Brown

The other fruit beer that Lost Coast Brewery makes (along with their Tangerine Wheat) is Raspberry Brown. This beer is a version of their flagship Downtown Brown infused with real raspberries; however, where Downtown Brown is 5% ABV, Raspberry Brown is 6.5%. I’m not sure the raspberries alone would account for an extra 1.5% of alcohol, but I suppose it’s possible. Appearance: Brown with red highlights, a nice color; tan head that’s thick and generous. … Continue reading →

Fruit Beer Week: Chapeau Banana Lambic (Re-review)

The other day, in reviewing Wells Banana Bread Beer, I wrote: “I can’t say as I’ve had many banana beers (the only other one that comes immediately to mind is a homebrewed banana wheat years ago)”—and then I found my original review of Chapeau Banana Lambic from 2008. It’s brewed by Belgian’s Brouwerij De Troch to 3.5% alcohol by volume. Appearance: Pale yellow-orange—golden, almost—bubbly. White head was fizzy but didn’t last long. Smell: Delicate notes … Continue reading →

Fruit Beer Week: Lost Coast Tangerine Wheat

Lost Coast Brewery down in Eureka, California, brews a couple of fruit beers, and Tangerine Wheat is (I think) the newer of the two. This a light, summery American wheat ale brewed “with natural flavor added.” I’m not exactly sure what “natural flavor” refers to, but if I didn’t know better I would guess that they added plenty of actual (possibly whole) fruit to this beer. Tangerine Wheat makes for a nice light summer beer … Continue reading →