Monthly Archives: July 2010

My first all-grain homebrew

Last weekend (on the 5th, actually), I brewed my first all-grain batch of homebrew, effectively taking my new mash tun setup on a test drive. Overall, I have to say it was fairly successful and ridiculously easy. I brewed a Porter, basing the recipe on a Black Butte Porter clone I found in an old Brew Your Own magazine, and followed the batch sparging technique outlined in John Palmer’s How to Brew (which is a … Continue reading →

Firestone Walker Parabola

I realized it had been awhile since I received the PR bottle of Parabola, Firestone Walker’s barrel-aged Imperial Stout (the first time bottled, no less), and while I knew I was behind on a review (at least, in my mind I was behind), I will admit that the thought of drinking a 13%, 22-ounce bottle of Imperial Stout with the weather warming up was a bit daunting. At the same time, I was quite looking … Continue reading →

The next Session (#42): Location

Next month’s Session is being hosted by Ramblings of a Beer Runner and the topic is location: A Special Place, A Special Beer. Two of the best ways I’ve found to explore a new place are to run around in it, and to sample the beer from it. And like many in the craft beer community, I constantly exhort anyone who will listen to support their local brewery, while simultaneously seeking out beers from distant … Continue reading →

The Session #41: Craft Beers Inspired by Homebrewing

This is the first Session where I didn’t have a post ready on the actual day of the Session (otherwise known as “Beer Blogging Friday”), which is a little disappointing (I was on a streak) but in the end I’m going with the words of Charlie Papazian: “Relax. Don’t worry. Have a homebrew.” Appropriately, homebrew is the topic of this month’s Session, as selected by our host, Lug Wrench Brewing Company: Craft Beers Inspired by … Continue reading →

Oregon Craft Beer Month

Welcome to the first day of Oregon Craft Beer Month; as someone said on Twitter, we have so much beer in Oregon we need more than just a week! It’s our month-long celebration of Oregon’s craft beer, culminating in the Oregon Brewers Festival from the 22nd through the 25th. You can check out the giant list of related events to find something going on near you; and there is (of course) a Twitter hashtag that … Continue reading →