Monthly Archives: July 2010

Christmas in July Week

It’s the last full week of the month so that means it’s time for Theme Week here at The Brew Site! This week I’m being a little rebellious (and a bit lazy) and declaring it Christmas in July Week: all week I’ll be writing up reviews of Christmas beers—yes, some of which I’ve backlogged. It’s not entirely an apropos topic, either: soon I’ll have to start thinking about this year’s Advent Beer Calendar so this … Continue reading →

Next week is Theme Week

It seems like I always forget to mention when a Theme Week is coming up and what the actual theme will be… with that in mind, this next final week in July, starting on Monday the 26th, will be Theme Week here at The Brew Site, and I have decided that this month’s theme is going to be “Christmas in July”—reviews of Christmas and/or winter beers. (Yes, it’s true: this is prompted in large part … Continue reading →

BrewDog, No.

I’ve pretty much ignored the PR stunts of Scotland’s BrewDog because, well, they’re just that—stunts. But this is just offensively crude, in my opinion. I will never drink beer (or anything, really) from a bottle packaged in taxidermy roadkill.

Oregon Brewfest

Sadly I’m not going to make it to the Oregon Brewers Festival this year, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been thinking about it: my last two posts on Hop Press were “field guide” articles, including my annual beer picks. So while this year is no good for me, next year should be a thumbs up: the 31st falls on a Sunday, so the OBF—always the last full weekend in July—should be the 28th through … Continue reading →

Roots Organic Brewing is closed

I’ve been remiss in writing about this earlier, but this week Roots Organic Brewing in Portland closed its doors suddenly; John Foyston has the story. [Craig] Nicholls had been trying to sell the pub and brewery for a reported $450,000, but a couple of deals fell through and he said Tuesday that every day the pub stayed open, he went deeper in the hole. He retains all rights to the name and the beers however, … Continue reading →