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Theme Week for June

The final full week of June is the 21st through the 25th, and for this month’s Theme Week here at The Brew Site I’m going to be drinking and writing about Summer Ales to welcome in the first (official) week of summer. Of course, many breweries have already released their seasonal summer beers (some earlier than others), so there is already a plethora of beers to pick from. Plus, I might throw in some beers … Continue reading →

Hop Press: The Bend Ale Trail

My article on Hop Press is up today, and the topic is the Bend Ale Trail: Starting on June 1st, you can use the Bend Ale Trail Map and Passport available in the latest Discovery Map of Central Oregon to discover Bend’s 7 breweries – and for extra credit, head to our neighboring brewery in Sisters to visit the 8th! Be sure to get your passport stamped at each location. When you get all 7 … Continue reading →

Beer Bloggers Conference!

You may recall a while back I was calling for a Beer Bloggers Conference that sparked some good commentary including some info from the organizer of the Wine Bloggers Conference, indicating they were looking to get a BBC started. Good news! broke the story earlier this month that the Conference is a go! It’s taking place in Boulder, Colorado from November 5th through 7th (Friday through Sunday). There is room for about 150 people … Continue reading →

Hop in the Dark Cascadian Dark Ale

I popped open the bottle of Hop in the Dark this evening, the one that Deschutes Brewery sent me. I’ll pretty much get straight to the review; I’ve already ruminated about the beer at length over a month ago, during CDA Week. It’s 6.5% alcohol by volume. Although one interesting tidbit: apparently the Brewery cold-steeped the dark grains (rather than adding them to the hot-water mash) to avoid extracting the acids and tannins that otherwise … Continue reading →

Hop Press: Beer in Pacific City

My Hop Press article today is titled, “Good beer in unlikely places: Pacific City, Oregon” and reviews a bit of our Memorial Day trip to the Oregon Coast last weekend: specifically, a visit to the Pelican Pub & Brewery. Long-time readers will remember that I’ve reviewed the Pelican before—way back in 2006—and I’m happy to report that it’s just as good as ever. But lest you think that the Pelican is the only place to … Continue reading →