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Summer Beer Week: Surfer’s Summer Ale

When we visited the Pelican Pub & Brewery back during Memorial Day, I picked up a couple of bottles to bring home: the 2010 Saison du Pelican, and (thinking ahead to this week, actually) the Surfer’s Summer Ale. Here’s their description: The Summer Ales of England inspire our well-loved seasonal beer, Surfer’s Summer Ale. With a brilliant gold color, and a fruity, floral, and herbal aroma from Glacier hops, Surfer’s Summer Ale is a refreshing, … Continue reading →

Summer Beer Week

Today is the first official day of summer, and though this year’s weather has not exactly gone according to schedule (it’s been particularly chilly and damp here all this spring) I still decided I’d commemorate the start of the season by having Summer Beer Week here at The Brew Site. Summer beer is simple: it’s crisp, it’s light, it’s flavorful. It doesn’t need much more than that—other than somebody to drink it. Fortunately each year … Continue reading →

Bend beer news from Brewpublic

The good folks over at the excellent blog Brewpublic have been in Bend recently: not only did they publish a blog post about Bend Brewing yesterday, but they completely scooped me today’s posts about Boneyard Beer (I’ve been drinking through a growler of their “Black 13” beer the last couple of days) and “More Bend News“: In other Bend area news…it was confirmed through a city employee that New Belgium Brewing has applied and been … Continue reading →

Beervana: On Reviewing Beer

Jeff over at Beervana (one of the best of the Oregon beer blogs) has a great three-part series he wrote last week on reviewing beer that I think should be required reading for those of us in the beer blogging world, or the beer rating sites, or, well, anyone interested in tasting and reviewing their beer. Reviewing a beer is a unique exercise–different than tasting it on one’s own or judging it for a competition. … Continue reading →

The next Session (#41 in July)

The topic for the July Session has been posted, and is being hosted by the “virtual brewery,” Lug Wrench Brewing Company: Craft Beers Inspired by Homebrewing. How has homebrewing had an affect on the commercial beer we have all come to love?  Feel free to take the topic in any direction your imagination leads you. Write about a beer that has its roots in homebrewing.  Write about a commercial beer that originated from a homebrew. Write about … Continue reading →