Monthly Archives: May 2010

Press Release: Karl Strauss Honors 21st Anniversary with Beer Dinner Supporting Chef Celebration Scholarship Fund

In honor of its 21st Anniversary, Karl Strauss Brewing Company is hosting a Chef Celebration Beer Dinner. The event will feature six locally renowned chefs preparing five unique dishes paired with five different Karl Strauss beers. The beer dinner takes place at Karl Strauss Brewing Company, Sorrento Mesa at 6pm on Tuesday May 18, 2010. “We are very excited to host this Chef Celebration Dinner,” says Gunther Emathinger, Karl Strauss Executive Chef. “We have a … Continue reading →

Press Release: Grand Teton Brewing Company Sheds Light on Its Beer Cellar

Grand Teton Brewing Company, known throughout the West for their exceptional craft brews, announces the launch of a new blog located at, dedicated to the brewery’s Cellar Reserve series of beers. The new blog, Notes from Underground, is a reference for beer drinkers who want to see how their bottle of Cellar Reserve is coming along with age. As the name implies, this series of beers is often meant to be aged, but we … Continue reading →

The next Session (#40): Session Beer

The topic for next month’s Session (#40!) is up, and being hosted by Top Fermented: Session Beer. What is your definition of a session beer? Is it, as Dr. Lewis suggested at the Craft Brewers Conference this year, “a pint of British wallop” or is your idea of a session beer a crisp Eastern European lager, a light smoky porter, a dry witbier, or even a dry Flemish sour? Is it merely enough for a … Continue reading →

Press Release: New Glarus Brewing Company’s Enigma

New Glarus Brewing Company’s Daniel Carey (Diploma Master Brewer) loves to play with flavor in unexpected ways. Due to this drive, New Glarus Brewing Company‘s offerings of over 50 different brews since their inception in 1993 are extremely broad and varied. There are few breweries, if any, that can make such a claim. Often, the brews that are created don’t fit into the nice, neat categories that the majority of brews in the world are … Continue reading →