Hop Press today: Stumbling towards all-grain brewing

My Hop Press article today documents my first steps towards actual all-grain brewing: Palmer’s How to Brew outlined “batch sparging”—also the “no sparge” method—which made it clear to me that all I really need is the mash tun, no complications needed. Batch sparging is simple: you mash the grains with … Continue reading

The Session #39: Collaborations

The first Friday of the month means that among beer bloggers it’s time for The Session—a collaborative blogging effort where each month’s “host” suggests a topic and everyone writes about that. The host then compiles a summary and links to everyone’s respective writings. Appropriately enough, this month’s collaborative blogging efforts … Continue reading

Boneyard Beer (Bend)

You might remember about a year and a half ago I blogged about the forthcoming Brewtal Brewing here in Bend; last November I noted that there was no further word about it and wondered. So what happened? They became Boneyard Beer and have begun brewing beer! (Their Facebook page is … Continue reading

Deschutes and Hair of the Dog collaboration

There’s a press release that came through last week that has me excited: Deschutes Brewery and Hair of the Dog are collaborating (for the first time ever for both of them) on a beer that will be released in 2011: [Hair of the Dog’s Alan] Sprints came over to Bend … Continue reading