Monthly Archives: May 2010

Coffee Beer Week: Oakshire Overcast Espresso Stout

Oakshire Brewing Company out of Eugene, Oregon, is a young brewery making a big splash; their Overcast Espresso Stout won the silver medal in the “Coffee Flavored Beer” category at last year’s Great American Beer Festival and has been getting ¬†high marks all around. Overcast is an Oatmeal Stout brewed to 5.8% alcohol by volume, and the coffee comes from Wandering Goat Coffee in Eugene. The secret to their coffee usage is in cold-brewing it—a … Continue reading →

Coffee Beer Week

It’s the last full week of the month, and that means it’s time for a Theme Week here at The Brew Site. As you can tell from the title of this post and the logo to the right, I’ve decided that this month’s theme is Coffee Beer Week. I’ve been thinking about coffee beers in terms of emerging beer styles; over on my Hop Press article about American styles, EskimoDave posed a question about the … Continue reading →

Black Star Beer: Bottle vs. Can

One of the more interesting things to me about the Black Star Beer I received is that it comes in both bottles and cans (and you all know I’ve been following the canned craft beer movement)—and since they sent me both versions, I figured it was a good opportunity to do another side-by-side tasting like I did with Moose Drool. In this case I didn’t literally drink them concurrently—first taking a sip of one then … Continue reading →

Received: A pair of Michelob wheats

These came late in the week: I’ve drank and reviewed Shock Top before, but the Michelob Ginger Wheat is new this year; I’m curious as to how ginger-y it will turn out.

Received: Firestone Walker Parabola

Arrived yesterday: Firestone Walker‘s Parabola Imperial Stout, the first of a reserve series (according to the label—“No. 001”), and the first bottled release of Parabola. It’s a barrel-aged 13% beer and limited—only 1000 cases were produced.