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Hop Press: Indigenous American beer styles

My article today on Hop Press: Indigenous American beer styles: an overview of the beer styles that have developed, or are still emerging, that are uniquely American in origin. I’ve spent some time writing about these beers at length here—particularly Cream Ales, fresh hop beers, and pumpkin beers—so it should come as no surprise for regular readers to know I have an affinity for the American styles. One style that didn’t make my overview but … Continue reading →

7-Eleven Game Day

One of the (stranger) beer news stories that’s making the rounds this week is how 7-Eleven is going to sell its own private label beer, “Game Day.” (Gotta love MSNBC’s headline for the story—“It pairs with microwave burritos”!) It’ll be canned, of course. Game Day comes in two varieties. Game Day Light is 3.9 percent alcohol by volume and 110 calories per 12 ounces. Game Day Ice is 5.5 percent alcohol and 155 calories. The … Continue reading →

Deschutes Twilight Ale (2010)

Despite my reservations about how early Twilight Ale showed up this year, I had to drink it anyway. It’s too good a beer not to drink; I daresay Twilight Ale is Deschutes Brewery’s most consistently-brewed seasonal beer, and I’m frankly amazed at how consistent my experience has been with it year after year, including this year (previous reviews here, here, and here). In the glass, this is a good-looking beer: honey-copper colored and a generous, … Continue reading →

Jim Koch in the Wall Street Journal

There’s a nice article that appeared today in the Wall Street Journal online: “Revolutionizing American Beer,” being primarily an interview with Jim Koch of Boston Beer Company (brewers of the Sam Adams line of beers). It’s the 25th anniversary of Sam Adams, so it’s apropos, and a good read. For example: WSJ: Could craft beer ever represent the biggest segment of the industry? Mr. Koch: No. I hope not. Because that would mean we dumbed … Continue reading →

Oregon Garden Brewfest

The Oregon Garden is located in Silverton, Oregon (outside of Salem), some kind of combination of naturalist gardens, event centers, and resort, and this coming weekend (April 23rd and 24th), it is hosting the Oregon Garden Brewfest as well. Join us for the 6th annual Oregon Garden Brewfest. This Oregon craft brewfest will feature many local beer brewers and will offer the chance to sample or enjoy a full glass of a wide variety of … Continue reading →