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Big Beer Week: Stone/Maui/Schmidt Kona Coffee Macadamia Coconut Porter

You almost can’t think “Big Beer” anymore without Stone Brewing coming up somehow. Most of their beers would easily qualify for a Big Beer Week review, so how do you go bigger? Select one of their collaboration beers, of course! These are “big” not only in a strength and style sense, but also in ambition and creativity. Hence, the collaboration between Stone, Maui Brewing, and homebrewer Ken Schmidt to produce Kona Coffee Macadamia Coconut Porter, … Continue reading →

Big Beer Week: Deschutes Jubel 2010

Though every year Deschutes Brewery brews a draft-only version of their Super Jubel—a double-strength Jubelale—only twice have they bottled this beer: once in 2000, and now again in 2010. (Respectively known as Jubel 2000 and Jubel 2010.) This time around this Jubel 2010 “Once a Decade Ale” is bottled in 22-ounce bombers and wax-dipped as part of Deschutes’ Reserve Series of beers. And (you’ll recall) that the Brewery sent me a bottle. It’s 10% alcohol … Continue reading →

Big Beer Week: Anchor Old Foghorn

Let’s start off our Big Beer Week reviews with a classic: Anchor Old Foghorn, the venerable Barleywine from one of America’s oldest craft breweries. Barleywine is one of my favorite styles of beer, and Anchor has been producing their Old Foghorn since 1975—I wrote “classic” above, and to my mind this beer sits in the pantheon of American Barleywines. The current bottling has a strength of 9.4% alcohol by volume (their site gives a range … Continue reading →

Big Beer Week

February is a short month, which is why Theme Week almost slipped away from me—but not to worry! I do have a plan! Something about February always says “big beer” for me (like when I hosted The Session back in 2008 and declared it Barleywine season): perhaps it’s the depths of winter when a big, warming beer is comfort food, perhaps it’s simply the daylight hours are growing visibly longer and it feels contemplative. Regardless, … Continue reading →

Received: A sixer of Pyramid

These came today: A six-pack consisting of two each of (Spring) Fling Pale Ale, Haywire Hefeweizen, and Audacious Apricot Ale, all from Pyramid Brewing. Looks like they came in connection with my Hop Press blogging, though I’m not sure where the reviews will ultimately show up—there or here. Either way, it’s all good.