Great Arizona Beer Festival

I did not know that Arizona has had a “Great Beer Festival” that’s been going on for more than two decades—Arizona not generally being known as a big brewing state—but indeed they do: early next month the 22nd annual Great Arizona Beer Festival is getting underway in Tempe. (I also … Continue reading

Press Release: 22nd Annual Great Arizona Beer Festival

Thousands of beer lovers from throughout the region are expected to flock to Tempe Beach Park the weekend of March 6-7, 2010 for the 22nd Annual Great Arizona Beer Festival. The annual festival is the primary fund raising event for Sun Sounds of Arizona, a reading service for people who … Continue reading

So you always wanted to own a brewpub…

The Elliot Glacier Public House is for sale. Where is Elliot Glacier, you may wonder? In the small community of Parkdale, about 17 miles south of Hood River. We’ve driven by it, once, but did not stop (we were on our way home with a load of fresh-picked fruit). Elliot … Continue reading

The Beer Hacker: Brewing on the cheap: Revising estimates

Returning to the series of articles about the economic impact of homebrewing, we re-examine previous cost estimates based on new information. When I started this series, hops at the local Brew Shop were selling for $5 to $6.50 per two-ounces of whole flowers, and that was what the various estimates … Continue reading

The next Session: The Good Stuff

Next month, March 5th, is The Session’s third birthday: that’s right, three years ago March, the first Session stormed the internet on the topic of Stouts—“Not your father’s Irish Stout,” as suggested by Stan (who also came up with the idea of The Session). So it’s entirely appropriate that March’s … Continue reading

Received: Jubel 2010

This came today: Deschutes Brewery‘s newest Reserve Series beer, Jubel 2010 (“Once a Decade Ale”) and a goblet—which is identical to the goblets they were handing out during their Release Party Friday night (I picked up one of those as well, so now I have two). Incidentally, I can say … Continue reading

Need last-minute Super Bowl beer?

Follow my suggestions in my Hop Press article yesterday. There’s still time to run out to your nearest bottle shop (or boutique grocery, or wherever sells craft beer in your area) and stock up.

The Session #36: Cask-Conditioned Beer

It’s the first Friday of the month again, and that means it’s time for “Beer Blogging Friday”—AKA The Session, the monthly collaboration of beer bloggers across the world to write about a common topic. All the participating blog posts will then be gathered and summarized by the host for the … Continue reading