Press Release: Pike Brewing Hosts 2nd Annual Chocofest

Champagne and caviar, lox and bagels, ham and eggs, wine and cheese, oysters and stout, salsa and chips, coffee and donuts…some things just go together. But why, one may wonder. Pike pushes the envelope to answer that age old question, “What beverages go best with everyone’s favorite food: chocolate? For … Continue reading

Press Release: 3rd Annual Robbie Burns Evening

No New Years party from Seattle to Shanghai would be complete without a verse or two of Auld Lang Syne sung at midnight, accompanied by acquaintances both auld and new. This year like others, around the bar at Seattle’s Pike Brewing Company, regulars, Pike staff and out of town guests … Continue reading

Pizza Port Carlsbad

Our first day in San Diego (which was the first Monday after Christmas), we headed up to Carlsbad to hit the shopping outlets and visit Pizza Port Carlsbad for lunch. In the past we’ve visited the Solana Beach Pizza Port, but my brother assured me that Carlsbad is a bigger … Continue reading

Received: Deschutes Hop Henge

The 2010 iteration of Deschutes Brewery‘s Hop Henge Experimental IPA arrived today: The label looks the same as last year, and I checked for the presence of “Batch #” text on the site. (There was none.) I actually still have some bottles of 2009 Hop Henge in my stash; might … Continue reading

This month’s Theme Week will be on… Cream Ales!

Yes, you read that correctly: I have decided that this month, Theme Week is going to be Cream Ale Week. Why? Maybe it’s a rebellion against all the super-high-end beers coming out these days. (Ironically written as I drink an Anchor Old Foghorn Barleywine.) Or maybe it’s a way of … Continue reading

The Greg Koch chat… “liner notes”

As promised, here are some additional bits about my meeting/interview with Greg Koch of Stone Brewing. Call them “liner notes” or “special features” or something. Anyone who’s had a Stone beer is familiar with the text on the labeling—the paragraph of text first made famous on the Arrogant Bastard bottle … Continue reading

Hop Press: Talking with Greg Koch of Stone Brewing

My article today over on Hop Press is the write-up of my visit with Greg Koch of Stone Brewing last week. He’s a really cool guy, and had no problems about meeting with me—which is awfully generous for the busy CEO of a big company. I’ll be posting some “liner … Continue reading

The Brew Site Best of 2009

It’s time to write my “Best of 2009” wrap-up post, looking back over the past year to come up with “The Brew Site Best”: those beers and breweries and festivals that really stood out for me personally. (Which is my disclaimer to say that in no way am I proclaiming … Continue reading

The next Session: Casks!

The next session—number 36 (a milestone!)—has been announced: it’s being hosted by Yours for Good Fermentables and the topic is Cask-Conditioned Beer: Cask-conditioned ale —or “real ale” as it is called, somewhat boastfully, by the Campaign For Real Ale (CAMRA), a beer consumer advocacy group in the UK— is defined … Continue reading