Stone’s latest collaboration

When I posted my interview with Greg Koch of Stone Brewing, mention was made of upcoming collaboration brews Stone was spearheading. This month it’s with 21st Amendment Brewing and Firestone Walker Brewing, and the Stone Blog has a good writeup of what was brewed and the overall process: Shaun O’Sullivan … Continue reading

Hop Henge (2010)

Tonight I opened up the bottle of Hop Henge that Deschutes sent me a week and a half ago; it’s been staring at me in the fridge as I’ve been contemplating it. To my mind, Hop Henge is one of the best Imperial (or Double, or maybe to best use … Continue reading

There needs to be a Beer Bloggers Conference

It came to my attention that the 2010 Wine Bloggers Conference is coming to Walla Walla, Washington, this June, and it got me reflecting on that fact that there even is a Wine Bloggers Conference. I don’t read any wine blogs (I should probably start) but it seems to me … Continue reading

Abraxus Brewing news

You may remember I blogged back in August about Abraxus Brewing, the new microbrewery slated to open in The Dalles. Wondered what was going on with that? So was I, but it had frankly slipped my mind until I received an email from the founder, Ray Bustos: Currently we on … Continue reading

Monday morning updates

I’ve decided to change up Theme Week a bit starting this month; instead of starting on the third Monday (third full week) of each month, instead it will be the last full week of each month. It’s a minor change, but gives me a bit more time to track down … Continue reading

Very Noddy Lager

The final of the four beers that Buckbean Brewing sent to me is their Very Noddy—or more properly, “Doug’s Very Noddy 40th Birthday Lager.” Ostensibly they are calling this an “Imperial Schwarzbier”—10.5% alcohol and it’s basically a doubled-up version of their Black Noddy: Brewed specially for owner Doug Booth’s 40th … Continue reading

Black Noddy Lager

Black Noddy is a Schwarzbier from Buckbean Brewing in Reno, Nevada, one of the four that they sent me. Buckbean, as you’ll recall, is one of the few (but growing number of) craft brewers who can their beers. Black Noddy is 5.2% alcohol by volume and is easy-drinking like a … Continue reading

Tule Duck Red Ale, a non-review

No, it’s not a review (for reasons I’ll get into in a moment), but I need to at least mention the Tule Duck Red Ale from Buckbean Brewing—since they sent me the four beers last month and I’m sure you’re all wondering what became of them. Unfortunately, why I’m not … Continue reading

Red Chair NWPA

For those of you that missed the news, Red Chair NWPA (Northwest Pale Ale) is the new seasonal beer from Deschutes Brewery that is replacing Buzzsaw Brown and Cinder Cone Red. (Cinder Cone Red, in fact, is now in its last bottling, and only available in Oregon and Washington.) It’s … Continue reading

Press Release: Lindemans Lambics for Valentine’s Day

Unique, elegant, sparkling, delightful – just like your valentine! If you have tasted Lindemans fruit lambics, you already know.  If you haven’t tried them, Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to discover exciting, sweet fruit flavors perfectly balanced by the dry, tart complexity of real lambic – Belgian ale fermented … Continue reading