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Advent Beer Calendar 2009: Day 15: Bell’s Christmas Ale

Today’s beer comes from one of Michigan’s long-time craft brewers, Bell’s Brewery: Bell’s Christmas Ale. Bell’s Christmas is a clean and smooth Scottish Ale, 5.4% alcohol by volume, and is “brewed with 100% Michigan barley and a blend of Pacific Northwest and Michigan hops”—keeping their seasonal gift to their customers as local as possible. I like it. Look for warm malty and nutty notes with a hint of holiday fruits on the nose; Bell’s has … Continue reading →

Advent Beer Calendar 2009: Day 14: Samichlaus

What list of Christmas beers would be complete without including Samichlaus, one of the modern granddaddy’s of them all and at one time a serious contender for the strongest beer in the world (very much surpassed these days)? It’s still billed as the strongest lager in the world and at 14% by volume, I’m willing to concede the point: this is achieved through straight fermentation and not increased through other means (such as Eisbocks, where … Continue reading →

Advent Beer Calendar 2009: Day 13: Double Mountain Fa La La La La

Today’s pick comes from Jeff Alworth, Portland, Oregon-based beer blogger and writer, and purveyor of the nationally-famous Honest Pint Project. If there’s any one person in Oregon who knows the regional beer scene, it’s Jeff, and he picks what may well become a new seasonal favorite. By Christmas standards, it’s not a long tradition, but naming your beer after a seasonal song has become, well, habitual, anyway. Double Mountain selected the refrain from Deck the … Continue reading →

Advent Beer Calendar 2009: Day 12: Solstice D’hiver

Today’s pick comes from beer blogger and writer Mario Rubio, who authors Brewed for Thought (his main blog) and also writes for and Hop Press (which he also organized). Mario picks Solstice D’hiver from Brasserie Dieu du Ciel in Quebec, Canada. He has the full writeup on his blog: Translated as the Winter Solstice, Solstice d’hiver is perfect for the season. Once I opened the bottle, I was hit with aromas similar to scotch. … Continue reading →

An interview with moi.

The Beer Wench (a fellow Hop Press writer) has started up a series of “beer blogger interviews” lately on her blog, and today she posted the interview with yours truly. It’s a fun read, and reveals a bit more about my overall background than I probably have here. Though my beer opinions and history aren’t really a surprise to regular readers. Anyway. Go read it. And check out the rest of her site, too, while … Continue reading →