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Life & Limb

Surely one of the most hyped, talked-about beers of the last month or so is Life & Limb, the first ever collaboration beer between Sierra Nevada Brewing and Dogfish Head Brewery: partly because there was a social media firestorm that buoyed in (largely sparked by the highly effective Dogfish Publicity Machine), and partly because the collaboration itself was genuinely interesting. I mean really, who would have seen the team-up coming between the flamboyant, extreme-brewing Dogfish … Continue reading →

The Advent Beer Calendar is tomorrow

The first of December heralds the start of the Advent Beer Calendar, an annual tradition here at The Brew Site going back to 2005. This year’s Calendar is the fifth incarnation(!), and this year in addition to selecting the various Christmas beers myself I thought it would be fun to open up the virtual doors and invite others to participate, as well. So I’ve asked some bloggers and writers from around the interwebs if they … Continue reading →

Holiday Ale Festival

The Holiday Ale Festival up in Portland (Oregon) kicks off this week: from Wednesday, December 2nd through Sunday the 6th, Pioneer Courthouse Square will be overrun by beer seekers anxious to try out 50-plus wintertime beers. This is one of those festivals I’ve never been to (the timing isn’t so great for me) but I really want to go; in recent years this has grown to be one of the Oregon beer fests to attend. … Continue reading →

Jubelale vertical

My latest post over on Hop Press is up today: a vertical tasting of Jubelale. Something else to be thankful for this week!

Thanksgiving Week: The Oregon beer scene

As a beer geek, I am extremely thankful that Oregon is one of the best places to be in terms of beer culture—and that I live in the heart of it. Oregon has world-class breweries, cutting-edge breweries, young upstarts, and the old guard. From the brewery-rich Portland to the far-flung reaches like Baker City and Enterprise, beer permeates Oregon and the beer culture here is both easy-going and sophisticated; Oregonians like their beer and know … Continue reading →