Brewer/author Greg Noonan passed away

It’s all over the beer blogs that brewing pioneer and author Greg Noonan passed away this last weekend. He opened the first brewpub in Vermont, the Vermont Pub & Brewery, and authored, among other books, the seminal Brewing Lager Beer (the 1986 edition I have on my bookshelf but haven’t … Continue reading

Jubelale, a month+ on

I’ve been drinking more of Deschutes Brewery’s Jubelale since reviewing the early showing last month, and I can confidently say it’s better now than it was then. Then, I wrote: Taste: A bit hot and green, no getting around that—but spicy and dark like a pumpernickel bread. Solid bittering in … Continue reading

Brewpublic’s one-year and Elysian’s Pumpkin Fest

There’s a couple of events going on in the Pacific Northwest this weekend that I am candidly envious of (mostly because I can’t make it to either). The first is Brewpublic’s First Anniversary: In celebration of our first Brewniversary, Brewpublic is pleased to announce two events featuring one-of-a-kind craft beers, … Continue reading

Press Release: America’s #1 Beer City Hosts Its First Beer Week

Recently named the top beer city in the country by Men’s Journal, San Diego is hosting it’s first-ever San Diego Beer Week this November 6th-15th, 2009. “San Diego Beer Week is a 10-day event showcasing the amazing craft beer we have in this city,” says Colby Chandler, San Diego Brewers … Continue reading

Received: Redhook Treblehook Barleywine

Today I received a package containing Redhook‘s new Treblehook Barleywine (for which I ironically posted the press release this morning), the latest in their Limited Release series (the last was their Tripel). It’s a 10.1% alcohol American-style Barleywine, and the brewer encourages aging it (for up to one to three … Continue reading

The next Session: Framing Beer

Next month’s Session is being hosted by Andy Couch of I’ll Have a Beer, and the announced topic is “Framing Beer“: For better or worse, in everyday situations beer comes with a label. This label very really ‘frames’ the beer inside. The fact that the beer comes commercially-produced signals the … Continue reading

ReviewsWidmer Brothers’ Reserve Cherry Oak Doppelbock

Last week I received the new beer from Widmer in their new Brothers’ Reserve series, their Cherry Oak Doppelbock. This is the first in this new line, intended as a showcase for Widmer (in particular, Kurt and Rob Widmer, who are the ones coming up with the beers to be … Continue reading

The Session #32: Eastern Beers

It’s the first Friday of the month again and that means it’s time for beer bloggers to collectively pool their efforts and write about a common topic—that’s right, it’s another month of The Session! This month’s topic comes to us from Girl Likes Beer, and she’s picked a geographically interesting … Continue reading