French Beer Week

It’s Theme Week again this week at The Brew Site, and this month I’ve selected the beers of France to write about all week. French beers are a topic that no one seems to talk much about: France after all is most known for their wine. French Beer Week was … Continue reading

Michelob Rye P.A.

Michelob‘s new Rye P.A. is a “Rye India Pale Ale”, with 5.9% alcohol and some 50 IBUs and previously only available at beer festivals. Michelob sent me a sample of the beer, coinciding with its appearance in this year’s Fall/Winter Sampler Pack. I will admit right off that releasing a … Continue reading

News and link roundup

Odds and ends in review for the end of the week. Canfest was today. I first mentioned Canfest last month: held in Reno by Buckbean Brewing, the “International Canned Beer Festival”  brought microbrewers from all over who can their beers. There was judging and a $35 entrance fee. I was … Continue reading

Received: A pair of Michelobs

These two beers came in a package for me today: Michelob Bavarian Wheat and the one I’m more interested in trying, their new Rye P.A.—a Rye India Pale Ale. The original press release is here. It’s 5.9% alcohol by volume and has 50 IBUs—not exactly traditional IPA territory but it … Continue reading

I showed up in my local newspaper today…

…talking about seasonal beers. Much more of a “feature” than I expected—I only spent about 10 minutes on the phone with the reporter. But that’s okay, it was fun, and mostly accurate. Summer is a great time for light, easy-drinking, thirst-quenching brews. But when you’re talking about dark, rich, flavorful … Continue reading

Sacramento Brewing: Closed

Pacific Brew News broke the news that Sacramento Brewing Company closed abruptly today. Workers and patrons at Sacramento Brewing Company discovered today that Sacramento Brewing Company has officially closed. For us at PBN we’ve come to truly appreciate the beers put out from this location over the past couple of … Continue reading

The Abyss Release Party: November 3rd

Deschutes Brewery is kicking off their Abyss Release Parties at their Bend and Portland Pubs on Tuesday, November 3rd. But that’s not all! On their Facebook fan page, they are announcing more here in Bend: The wait is almost over. The Abyss 2009 release party at the Bend pub will … Continue reading

This month’s Theme Week

I’m pushing this month’s Theme Week from starting this coming Monday (the 19th) to the following Monday (the 26th), largely because, well, I’m not all that organized. But I’ll also be busy next week, such that trying to write up a Theme Week would mostly suffer anyway, so it all … Continue reading

Press Release: Snow in the Gorge? It’s time for Wassail!

Full Sail Brewing Releases Wassail for the Holiday Season In Hood River, every year a few undeniable signs signal when winter is at the doorstep. The cool east winds begin to blow, Mt. Hood and Mt. Adams get a white blanket of fresh powder, and the snow report for the … Continue reading

Treblehook Barley Wine

This evening I opened up that bottle of Redhook’s latest Limited Release, Treblehook Barley Wine, their 10.1% alcohol American-style barleywine (as I prefer to spell it), using the snifter glass they also provided in the package. This is a beer that won a Gold medal at the 2008 Great American … Continue reading