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BrewDog’s Nanny State: 1.1% alcohol

If there’s one thing Scotland-based upstart BrewDog is known for, it’s publicity: they know how to get attention and drive a story, for good or ill. Recently they engendered just such publicity with the release of their Tokyo* (yes, for some reason there’s an asterisk in the name), a monstrous Imperial Stout with 18.2% alcohol by volume which caused an uproar in the UK for being, well, strong. To be fair, it was a pretty … Continue reading →

Press Release: Cascade Brewing takes home Gold and Silver medals from the Great American Beer Festival

Cascade Brewing continued its winning ways at the Great American Beer Festival (GABF) competition, taking home the top two medals in the Wood- and Barrel-Aged Sour Beer category: a gold medal for Bourbonic Plague and a silver for Vlad the Imp Aler. A total of 45 beers were entered in the class. GABF award winners were announced Saturday in Denver, Colo. Brewmaster Ron Gansberg, production brewer Curtis Bain and brewery owner Art Larrance were all … Continue reading →

Received: Widmer Cherry Oak Doppelbock

Last week I received a package from Widmer Brewing: the first bottle in their new Limited Release Series, Cherry Oak Doppelbock. This new Limited Release line is going to be Widmer’s twice-a-year treat to beer geeks: The Brothers’ Reserve line gives founders and brothers Kurt and Rob Widmer a chance to play with new styles and premium ingredients, showcasing their talent for innovation and honoring their creative passion for craft brewing. The goal is to … Continue reading →

Oregon GABF Winners

Today was the awards ceremony for the Great American Beer Festival, and among all the great beers that were judged (some 3300 across 78 categories), a number of Oregon breweries brought home medals. Here’s who won what (alphabetical order): 10 Barrel Brewing (Bend): Bronze for S1NIST0R Black Ale in Category 13, “Out of Category – Traditionally Brewed Beer”. Barley Brown’s Brewpub (Baker City): 2 medals! Silver for Shredder’s Wheat in Category 2, “American-Style Wheat Beer”, … Continue reading →

Canned Beer Week 2: Brewpublic’s Caldera interview

One final nod to Canned Beer Week before I move on to blogging other things (like the Great American Beer Festival, currently underway). Brewpublic (one of the best Oregon beer blogs out there) has an interview up with Jim Mills, the founder and head brewer with Caldera Brewing out of Ashland, Oregon—the brewers of Ashland Amber et al. It’s a good interview, and the topic of canning beer comes up in the latter half: Caldera, … Continue reading →