Monthly Archives: August 2009

Recipe: Ginger Wheat Ale

This is the recipe for the latest beer I’ve brewed, a light summertime-style wheat ale with candied ginger. It was a bit spontaneous as my goal was originally to brew Randy Mosher’s “Summer Ale, What-If Version” from Radical Brewing (though the recipe first appeared online here), but the Brew Shop was out of the dried wheat extract I needed. So I switched gears and the result is my Ginger Wheat Ale. It actually turned out … Continue reading →

Press Release: St Austell Brewery launches its latest ale

Multi-award winning St Austell Brewery has launched its eagerly awaited new beer today (Thursday August 13). The first bottles of Smugglers Ale were opened by St Austell Brewery’s head brewer, Roger Ryman, just days after he was named the Institute of Brewing and Distilling Brewer of the Year at the All Parliamentary Beer Group Dinner. The new ale will now be made widely available in select St Austell Brewery pubs and shops across the South … Continue reading →

Press Release: Karl Strauss and Greenhouse Partnership Off to a Great Start

A green partnership is underway as Greenhouse recently picked up the first load of spent yeast from Karl Strauss Brewing Company. Greenhouse is revolutionizing the home ethanol market with the world’s first home ethanol system, called a Microfueler, which converts beer waste (among other things) into clean e-fuel. Karl Strauss is donating several tons of beer waste a month, helping to create clean e-fuel for use in the San Diego community. “We ran a pump … Continue reading →

Sierra Nevada and Dogfish Head collaboration

It may well be that “collaboration is the new IBU” in the beer world as noted by @jeffbearer on Twitter, but this is one brewer collaboration that’s worth getting excited about: Sierra Nevada teaming up with Dogfish Head to produce something, well, amazing: This fall independent craft brewers Sierra Nevada and Dogfish Head, will release two collaborative beers. Limb & Life—a draft-only beer—will debut in October; with Life & Limb 24oz bottles and limited draft … Continue reading →

Press Release: Announcing: Ayinger Weizen-Bock

One of the world’s most respected breweries has some exciting news: the US introduction of Ayinger Weizen-Bock. Ayinger Weizen-Bock, a strong wheat ale, is pale – “helles” – and brewed from a grist of 60% wheat malt and 40% barley malt. Produced via a decoction mash, it has the astonishing finesse, aroma, and flavor of Ayinger’s famed wheat beers but with the flavors turned up to balance the greater strength. It offers the classic Bavarian … Continue reading →