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There’s been a number of other blogs mentioning this already: Travel Oregon is promoting a “Cuisinternship” contest wherein winners get to participate in a week-long “cuisine internship” under a variety of categories. I’ve posted the press release here. Since this is a beer blog, however, I must point out one of the seven internships is with Jamie Emmerson of Full Sail Brewing; you basically get to follow him around for a week and help him … Continue reading →

Press Release: Culinary Contest Invites Foodies to Live Their Dreams

Oregon Bounty Offers All-Expense-Paid “Cuisinternships” for Seven Winners Ever dreamt of being a vintner, a chef, a chocolatier or other culinary genius? Travel Oregon is calling all food and drink enthusiasts to fulfill their dreams by applying for a cuisine internship, or “Cuisinternship” (pronounced: quiz-een-turn-ship). Seven winners will be selected to win all-expenses paid trips (airfare, lodging and $1,000 meal stipend) to spend one week shadowing an Oregon expert in his or her field of … Continue reading →

News from the Raccoon Lodge

Received the email newsletter from the Raccoon Lodge Brewpub (also Cascade Brewing—not to be confused with Cascade Lakes Brewing), and I thought this was interesting to share: We have literally a ton of Bing cherries and another 2,400 lbs of sour pie cherries fermenting in barrels. You can see them bubbling out of the bung – Brewmaster Ron says the beer is talking to him. These will make wonderful base beers for our award winning … Continue reading →

Fresh hop beers are coming

Well, at least the fresh hop beers are coming for Deschutes Brewing; I can’t speak for other breweries but I assume they’re on the ball, too. Deschutes has their annual “Hop Trip” coming up this Wednesday: This year’s hop harvest has arrived early, and Deschutes Brewery is ready. On Wednesday, August 26th, between 10:00 and 11:00 a.m., trucks full of fresh hops will arrive at the Colorado Ave. brewery. The hops will immediately be transferred … Continue reading →

The Abyss (2008)

Going back through my review notes, it seems I never wrote up my review of Deschutes Brewery‘s 2008 edition of The Abyss—a surprising oversight! And perhaps even a bit apropos, since the 2009 Abyss will be released in November (only three months away) and the Brewery just posted some photos on Flickr of The Abyss in barrels. It’ll be November before you know it. In the meantime, you can read my review of the 2007 … Continue reading →