Received: Deschutes Jubelale

It’s seems a bit early for Christmas, but Deschutes Brewery sent me something anyway: three bottles of the 2009 edition Jubelale, their Winter Warmer. And, what might be an exclusive: first pictures(?) of this year’s label, which I haven’t seen anywhere yet. I knew the beer was being brewed, but … Continue reading

Prediction Watch: Other stuff I forgot to mention

There has been (naturally) a number of items throughout the year that pertain to my 2009 predictions that I didn’t mention last time. Jack Curtin posted back in April about a report from Beer Business Daily, indicating that the craft beer numbers (sales volume) were up the first quarter of … Continue reading

The Little Woody is coming, September 12

With a name like “The Little Woody“, you have to wonder exactly what it is I’m writing about. It’s a Barrel Aged Brew Festival that’s coming to Bend on Saturday, September 12. This festival will feature hand crafted, wood aged beer as well as one specialty brew from all of … Continue reading

Prediction Watch: Late summer edition

It’s been awhile since I checked in to see how my 2009 predictions for beer are holding up. Two highly noticeable stories have received attention that fit my predictions nicely. First, according to the mid-year report issued by the Brewers Associations, “America’s small and independent craft brewers are still growing … Continue reading


There’s been a number of other blogs mentioning this already: Travel Oregon is promoting a “Cuisinternship” contest wherein winners get to participate in a week-long “cuisine internship” under a variety of categories. I’ve posted the press release here. Since this is a beer blog, however, I must point out one … Continue reading

Press Release: Culinary Contest Invites Foodies to Live Their Dreams

Oregon Bounty Offers All-Expense-Paid “Cuisinternships” for Seven Winners Ever dreamt of being a vintner, a chef, a chocolatier or other culinary genius? Travel Oregon is calling all food and drink enthusiasts to fulfill their dreams by applying for a cuisine internship, or “Cuisinternship” (pronounced: quiz-een-turn-ship). Seven winners will be selected … Continue reading

News from the Raccoon Lodge

Received the email newsletter from the Raccoon Lodge Brewpub (also Cascade Brewing—not to be confused with Cascade Lakes Brewing), and I thought this was interesting to share: We have literally a ton of Bing cherries and another 2,400 lbs of sour pie cherries fermenting in barrels. You can see them … Continue reading

Fresh hop beers are coming

Well, at least the fresh hop beers are coming for Deschutes Brewing; I can’t speak for other breweries but I assume they’re on the ball, too. Deschutes has their annual “Hop Trip” coming up this Wednesday: This year’s hop harvest has arrived early, and Deschutes Brewery is ready. On Wednesday, … Continue reading

The Abyss (2008)

Going back through my review notes, it seems I never wrote up my review of Deschutes Brewery‘s 2008 edition of The Abyss—a surprising oversight! And perhaps even a bit apropos, since the 2009 Abyss will be released in November (only three months away) and the Brewery just posted some photos … Continue reading