Yes, an absinthe review is quite unusual for what is nominally (and normally) a beer blog, but it’s somewhat tangential and I’m pretty sure readers would find it interesting. Besides, the pictures are pretty cool. Last weekend my wife and I visited the Blacksmith Restaurant (here in Bend, natch) for … Continue reading

This Obama “beer summit” thing is out of control

I blogged the blurb about beer in the White House the other day and since then the whole story has been spiraling out of control. It’s ridiculous. Search Google News for “obama beer summit” and you’ll see how out of control and overblown this whole thing is. So I propose … Continue reading

Various beer tidbits

→ To no real surprise, foreign beer is not served at the White House. I have to wonder, though, since Anheuser-Busch, MolsonCoors, and SABMiller are all foreign-owned companies, why are they going to serve Budweiser and Blue Moon? → Sierra Nevada Brewing is going to be releasing one of the … Continue reading

Double Mountain Brewery

Double Mountain Brewery, in Hood River, Oregon, is located literally just around the corner from Full Sail Brewing, on the corner of 4th and Columbia. That’s not the only connection; brewmaster Matt Swihart was former head brewer at Full Sail for a good number of years before opening Double Mountain … Continue reading

Oregon BrewFest 2009: Busier than ever?

Today is likely the busiest day of the Oregon Brewers Festival, and I just read on Twitter that they are expecting to run out of mugs today(!)—and they’ll hand out plastic cups at no charge. And if you bring an old mug on Sunday, they’ll fill that up for you … Continue reading

Press Release: Ayinger Oktober Fest Märzen Arrives!

Highly awarded; sought after by fine restaurants, stores, and great bars . . . and revered by pretty much any one who has tasted it – Ayinger Oktober Fest Märzen arrives in the US soon. Ask for it at your favorite beer place after August 10, 2009. Munich’s Oktoberfest began … Continue reading

Oregon BrewFest 2009: My picks (what I would drink)

The Brewfest started today! The parade kicking off the Fest started at 11:30, and beers are pouring. Looking over the impressive list of beers for this year’s Oregon Brewers Festival, I can’t help but make a list of what beers I’d go after. Generally speaking, I’d start with the lighter … Continue reading

Oregon BrewFest 2009: The Buzz Tent

There’s this new “Buzz Tent” at the Oregon Brewers Festival this year, which, in addition to the Fest’s regular beer line-up, will be offering limited, first-come, first-served tastes of unique beers. The kind of beer that would generate a “buzz” presumably. Here’s the lowdown, sent out by OBF marketer extraordinaire … Continue reading