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Deschutes 22.5 Proof Bourbon Quadrupel

Read this description: Whiskey and beer have a lot in common. This Belgian Quadruple was aged in Heaven Hill Bourbon barrels for 2 months. When we pulled it out, we decided it was too good to blend off. So here it is in cask strength and uncarbonated: 7 oz. served with 2 ice cubes. You may have it neat if you wish. IBU’s 31 | Alcohol by Vol. 11.23% Now look at this picture: (Yes, … Continue reading →

The Session #28: Think/Drink Globally

Today is the first Friday of June, which means it’s once again “Beer Blogging Friday”—AKA The Session! Beer bloggers from all over collaborate and write about a common topic. The “host” for that month is the person who chose the topic and then compiles a summary of all who participated (with links, naturally). This month’s Session is hosted by Red, White, and Brew and the topic is “Think/Drink Locally“: I pose everyone writes about the … Continue reading →

Bend beer bits

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a local beer scene roundup here, and I’ve certainly extolled the beer cred of Bend, Oregon, many times before. So let’s take a look. Deschutes Brewery: Coming up on June 20th, they’ve got their annual legendary barrel-aged beer tasting, which for $40 will get you in to taste seven different barrel-aged beers (possibly including the new Black Butte XXI) and an amazing food menu. Then on the 27th, it’s … Continue reading →

Twilight Ale (2009)

I couldn’t stare at the Twilight Ale in the fridge too long before I had to open one—but that gives me a good excuse to write about it. This was one of the three bottles of Twilight that I received from Deschutes Brewery this week and it’s definitely a seasonal favorite. At 5% alcohol this is the perfect summer session beer and is a nice break from IPAs and Strong Ales and other “big” beers. … Continue reading →

Recipe: Coconut Cream Stout

Back in April I brewed up a coconut cream stout after being inspired both by the version periodically offered by Bend Brewing Company, and our spring break trip to Baker City. It’s drinkable now, and I’ve had a bit and shared a bit, and I have to say, I was very pleasantly surprised with how well it turned out. So I’m sharing the recipe for anyone who wants to brew some. This recipe is for … Continue reading →