Monthly Archives: June 2009

Recipe: Cream Ale

Here’s a recipe for an “Old School Cream Ale”, with a little something extra: toasted oats and a dash of salt. Both were ideas I got from Randy Mosher’s Radical Brewing, which is a superb homebrewing book and one that you must have on your bookshelf if you brew beer. I’m not kidding. You must have that book. Anyway, I wanted to keep this very light, which can be tricky for an extract-based recipe as … Continue reading →

Theme Weeks–or lack thereof; summer schedule

Too many things have conspired to keep me from doing a Theme Week this month: tomorrow’s already the third Monday and the month isn’t even half over yet; school is now out and schedules have changed; and much of the second half of June we’re going to be very busy and (mostly) unavailable. Plus, I honestly can’t say I’m feeling particularly inspired to come up with a Theme that doesn’t feel like phoning it in. … Continue reading →

Snake Dog IPA

Snake Dog IPA was one of the first bottles I picked up at the Brew Shop here in Bend, after they’d expanded into a bottle shop as well as a homebrew supply store. It was a Flying Dog beer that I hadn’t seen before—I don’t know if it was new or just new to Bend. No matter, Flying Dog does good beers so I picked it up. It’s an American IPA, hopped up good and … Continue reading →

Site upgrade

Not much to blog about that is beer-related tonight, but I just completed a major WordPress upgrade for the blog—so let me know if there’s any weirdness going on.

Raven Mad Imperial Porter

Back in March I found BridgePort Brewing‘s Raven Mad at Whole Foods for a really good price, so you know I had to pick one up. You remember Raven Mad—it’s their Imperial Porter, part of their “Big Brews” series in the 22-ounce bottles, and it’s the one with the 3-D label (and comes with 3-D glasses). I had previously sampled this with friends but had never done a full review. It’s also a barrel-aged beer; … Continue reading →