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Our San Diego trip was really good, and I managed to squeeze in a few beer things along the way. Actually, that wasn’t hard since my brother is into good beer and Double IPAs these days. Among other things I’ll be blogging about: Visiting Stone Brewing (again) San Diego Brewing … Continue reading

Blogging is officially slow for a few.

Yes, I fell off the radar there for a few days, and look out, it’s going to happen again: we’re bound for San Diego next week. This weekend was an anniversary weekend, which meant time away with no computer access. One highlight from last week, though: Stan Hieronymus and his … Continue reading

Economics: Six-Pack Equivalent Calculator

Here’s a little beer-economics gem: Bill at It’s Pub Night has flexed his Javascript chops and written a “Six-Pack Equivalent Calculator” that lets you select what size package someone is selling beer for, and how much, and it will tell you approximately how much you would be paying if you … Continue reading

Recipe: Cream Ale

Here’s a recipe for an “Old School Cream Ale”, with a little something extra: toasted oats and a dash of salt. Both were ideas I got from Randy Mosher’s Radical Brewing, which is a superb homebrewing book and one that you must have on your bookshelf if you brew beer. … Continue reading

Theme Weeks–or lack thereof; summer schedule

Too many things have conspired to keep me from doing a Theme Week this month: tomorrow’s already the third Monday and the month isn’t even half over yet; school is now out and schedules have changed; and much of the second half of June we’re going to be very busy … Continue reading

Snake Dog IPA

Snake Dog IPA was one of the first bottles I picked up at the Brew Shop here in Bend, after they’d expanded into a bottle shop as well as a homebrew supply store. It was a Flying Dog beer that I hadn’t seen before—I don’t know if it was new … Continue reading

Site upgrade

Not much to blog about that is beer-related tonight, but I just completed a major WordPress upgrade for the blog—so let me know if there’s any weirdness going on.

Raven Mad Imperial Porter

Back in March I found BridgePort Brewing‘s Raven Mad at Whole Foods for a really good price, so you know I had to pick one up. You remember Raven Mad—it’s their Imperial Porter, part of their “Big Brews” series in the 22-ounce bottles, and it’s the one with the 3-D … Continue reading