Monthly Archives: April 2009

Spring Beer Week: Eisenbahn Vigorosa Weizenbock

I received my Beer of the Month selections yesterday, and I was pleased to find a beer inside that goes perfectly with Spring Beer Week: Eisenbahn Vigorosa, an “Unfiltered Wheat Doublebock” (really a Weizenbock) from Cervejaria SudBrack which is located in Brazil. I hadn’t yet heard of this brewery; according to Shelton Brothers (who are importing Vigorosa), they have become the largest craft brewery in Brazil in only three years. So far, I’m impressed: of … Continue reading →

Spring Beer Week: Cinder Cone Red

Deschutes Brewery produces two beers that can vie for the title of “spring seasonal”: Buzzsaw Brown and Cinder Cone Red. Buzzsaw Brown, however, shows up from January to March so to my mind it isn’t the spring beer (though it’s not really a “late winter beer” either). No, Cinder Cone Red has that distinction. Located on the northern slope of Mt. Bachelor, the Cinder Cone was also known as “Red Hill” due to its reddish … Continue reading →

Spring Beer Week: The new (non) traditions

Besides exploring Bocks a bit yesterday, I’ve been giving thought to what sorts of springtime beers have been taking hold (here in America, at least) as a “traditional” spring beer. Of course, the short answer is “none”; there is no one particular style emerging that fills the role in the way that Bocks have. American brewers brew what strikes their fancy for the season, if they focus on the season at all. But there are … Continue reading →

Spring Beer Week: Ninkasi Spring Reign

At 6% alcohol by volume, I’m not sure I would agree with Ninkasi that their Spring Reign is a “session beer”, but compared to their other beers (and to Pacific Northwest beer sensibilities these days), it could be. Their description: Spring forward with this refreshing seasonal ale. Notes of toasted malt up front, finished with a bright and refreshing Northwest hop aroma, it’s a session beer that everyone can enjoy! Like the rest of Ninkasi’s … Continue reading →

Spring Beer Week: Bocks

Bocks are the traditional beers of spring, brewed during the winter months for tapping in mid-March, or for religious festivals like Lent. For Lent in particular, fasting monks derived their sustenance and nutrition from high-gravity Bocks brewed for that purpose (Doppelbocks—the “liquid bread”). Bocks come in all manner of shapes and sizes: traditional Bocks, Doppelbocks, Maibock, Triple Bocks, Eisbocks, and on and on. The base style is a rich and malty lager, often brewed dark … Continue reading →