Spring Beer Week

This third Monday in April kicks off this month’s Theme Week here at The Brew Site: Spring Beer Week! Here in Central Oregon, we are having our first really nice and warm days of the season, which dovetails nicely with the theme I’m exploring this week. For tradtional and non-traditional … Continue reading

Early reviews for Beer Wars

The Beer Wars movie premiered tonight (one! night! only!) in theaters around the country. I didn’t go, but I’ve seen some comments on twitter about it and some early blog reviews are in. Barley Vine’s review Adam’s review at Beer Bits Rick Lyke’s review The BeerAdvocate forum thread All in … Continue reading

Southern Oregon Porter

One of the stock beers that Southern Oregon Brewing is producing and bottling is their Porter; it’s a 5.5% brew that is, according to Jeff, brewed with lager yeast at ale temperatures. Unusual, to say the least. The brewery calls it a dry porter and this is an accurate label. … Continue reading

Next week is Spring Beer Week

Next week is the third Monday of the month which by convention kicks off Theme Week here at the Brew Site. The theme I’ve settled on (evident in the title of this post) is Spring Beer… examining the styles associated with spring (old and new), reviewing whatever appropriate seasonal releases … Continue reading

Beer Wars is playing this Thursday

The Beer Wars movie (I mentioned it previously here) is debuting this week in its one-night-only showing, on Thursday, April 16th. Remember, it’s the insider’s view of the U.S. beer industry and online buzz I’ve been seeing about it seems promising. In Central Oregon, it will be playing at the … Continue reading

Snow Plow

Snow Plow is Widmer’s limited-release winter seasonal beer, a sweet milk stout with an interesting history. It started as a Collaborator project with the Oregon Brew Crew back in 1998 and it was, in fact, the first Collaborator beer Widmer brewed (and subsequently bottled). In 2004, it won the gold … Continue reading

Portland’s getting another new brewpub: Hobo Brewing

Jeff reports that Portland is getting yet another brewpub soon: Hobo Brewing. Hobo will be a microbrewery in the old sense–3.5 to five barrels. For the moment, Hobo only occupies the bottom floor, but they hope to be able to expand to the second floor in the future. I think … Continue reading

Deschutes Brewery’s Twilight Ale Brings Summertime Magic

Popular Summer Seasonal back on shelves and on tap The long, warm evenings in Central Oregon once again herald the return of Twilight Ale, Deschutes Brewery’s award-winning summer seasonal. For those whose idea of summer fun is matching the hatch, honing one’s short game, or flying down single-track on the … Continue reading

Batemans Tops British Categories at World Beer Championships

Batemans Brewery of Wainfleet, Lincolnshire, England recently returned to the USA export market with a selection of its flagship brands and has taken top honors and gold medals at the prestigious World Beer Championships. Gold medal winners include, Combined Harvest (91 points), in the Bitter Ale category and XXXB (Triple … Continue reading