Next month’s Session

Lew Bryson is the host for the April Session, and he’s announced our next topic: Smoke beer. There may be more smoked beers than are dreamed of in your philosophy, Horatio; it’s not just rauchbier lagers from Franconia. Within the last year, I’ve had a strange smoked wheat beer, light … Continue reading

Moerlein OTR

The "OTR" in Moerlein OTR stands for "Over-The-Rhine", which refers to the neighborhood where Christian Moerlein Brewing finds itself. In fact, OTR is an historic district in Cincinnati and there’s even an Over-The-Rhine Brewery District organization. So the name is interesting and a bit charming, what about the beer? Moerlein … Continue reading

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Jenlain Noël

Jenlain Noël is the Christmas seasonal ale produced by Brasserie Duyck in France, and I received some in my Beer of the Month Club package from the first of the year. It’s brewed in the style of a Bière de Garde and is 6.8% alcohol by volume. Their website says: … Continue reading

The Session #25: Love Lager

First Friday! That means it’s Beer Blogging Friday, or as we more commonly call it, The Session! Beer bloggers across the web all come together to write about a common topic and enjoy a beer or two. March also marks the second anniversary of The Session. A bit over two … Continue reading

Odds and ends

Catching up on some items of interest that for some reason or another I haven’t commented on yet. Beer Wars: The Movie. Everyone and his dog has been talking this up, and despite the something this looks like an interesting documentary on the rise of craft beer. Director Anat Baron … Continue reading

Homebrewing in Washington

Here’s an interesting story I plucked from the OPB News feed: [In Washington state] Home beer makers have to consume what they brew on their own property. Taking home brew across the street to share with neighbors is illegal under current state law. The tiny exception is one gallon may … Continue reading

Hop Hound Amber Wheat

Hop Hound Amber Wheat is the new spring seasonal from Michelob, one of the latest in their 4-beer wheat lineup. It’s the second of the two promotional beers I received last week, and is billed as an "unfiltered American amber wheat ale" and by the name alone, you’d expect the … Continue reading

Weekend beer notes (March ’09)

No formal reviews, but a couple of beers of note this weekend. First was Laurelwood Brewing‘s Espresso Stout—actually its full name is Organic Portland Roast Espresso Stout. Our friends Paul and Sandi brought this over Saturday night. This one’s like drinking espresso, possibly the most coffee-infused beer I’ve yet tasted. … Continue reading