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Barley Brown’s Brewpub

From my last post you know I visited Barley Brown’s Brewpub this weekend, and already posted some notes on the beer sampler. Now I’ve had time to write up a more complete review. (Quick correction to my last post, as well: the Hot Blonde I sampled turned out not to be the Hot Blonde at all; it was in fact the Shredder’s Wheat, and in fact the “infected” character I attributed to it was due … Continue reading →

Barley Brown’s Brewpub (preliminary)

We’re currently in Baker City (Oregon) for the weekend, and today paid a (preliminary) visit to the town’s only brewpub: Barley Brown’s. I hope to get a more thorough review (including pictures), but for now I have a quick report on their beers. Let me just say right off, this was the cheapest sampler tray I’ve ever encountered: $4.25 for those eight beers(!). Seriously! I expect to pay $8.95 or so for this—so half that … Continue reading →

Hop Henge 2009 – Batch #1 vs. Batch #2

An interesting thing about Deschutes Brewery‘s annual Hop Henge Imperial IPA this year–actually, that should be “Experimental IPA”, and it lives up to that name both in the sense that it “uses several new hop processes and techniques to create a truly unique and unexpected beer” and in light of this blog post. Our first brewing of Hop Henge this year produced the following result.  The very vigorous ferment, with a fermenter at capacity, blew … Continue reading →

Press Release: Widmer Brothers Brewing Prosts 25 Years of Great Beer

On April 2, two ordinary brothers from Portland, Ore. who set out in 1984 to brew beers that people loved as much as they did will be celebrating the 25th Anniversary of their dream – Widmer Brothers Brewing – which has become an established and revered name in the world of craft beer. The company’s humble founders, Kurt and Rob, have been instrumental in shaping the American craft brewing industry and earning Portland the well-deserved … Continue reading →

Widmer turns 25

Widmer is turning 25 this year–on April 2nd to be exact, and on that day at their Gasthaus, they’re rolling back prices to $1.50 a pint! From their Facebook event page: In 1984, Kurt and Rob Widmer quit thier jobs in the name of beer, and Widmer Brothers Brewing Company was born. Thrusday April 2 marks the official start day of the brewery. Help us celebrate our 25th anniversay, as we roll back beer prices … Continue reading →