Monthly Archives: February 2009

Oregon Beer Week: Maiden Oregon Ale

I wanted to fit at least one actual sesquicentennial-themed beer in to Oregon Beer Week, so I went down to Deschutes Brewery yesterday with a to-go container (a 20-ounce plastic water bottle, basically), hoping to score some of their Oregon 150. Sadly, they were tapped out of that beer, but—lucky!—they had the Maiden Oregon Ale that the Portland Pub brewed on tap in its place. So I was able to get a special beer, after … Continue reading →

Oregon Beer Week: Pigskin Pale Ale

Beer Valley Brewing is Oregon’s easternmost brewery, located in Ontario along the Snake River (and the Idaho border). It’s a brewery dedicated to more extreme offerings: the flagship beer is a monster Imperial Stout, and they also brew a year-round barleywine. Neither of those have made to Bend yet, unfortunately. But I’m perfectly happy to drink the Pigskin Pale Ale, a 6%, bottle conditioned American-style, er, pale ale. Appearance: Cap looks hand-applied, with a dimple … Continue reading →

Oregon Beer Week: By the numbers

Just some facts and figures on Oregon’s beer industry, which is always interesting. Most courtesy of the Oregon Brewers Guild. 73 brewing companies operate 96 brewing facilities in Oregon. Portland has 30 breweries within its city limits. That’s about 1 brewery (or brewpub) for every 19,200 people. That’s more than any other city in the world. The Portland Metro area has 38 breweries (interesting that the Metro area "only" has 8 more than Portland proper). … Continue reading →

Oregon Beer Week: Southern Oregon Pale Ale

Only two and a half years old, Southern Oregon Brewing Company, based in Medford, is one of Oregon’s newest breweries. Until recently, you could only find their beer in select place in, er, Southern Oregon—but since October of last year, they’ve been bottling three of their regulars: Pale Ale, Golden Ale, and Porter. These three only just arrived in Bend (at Whole Foods) within the last couple of weeks or so. I picked up a … Continue reading →

Oregon Beer Week: Brown Eyes Ale

Silver Moon Brewing is one of Bend’s newer breweries (though still several years old), and they only began bottling their beers last spring. I never cease to be surprised when a new beer from them shows up—they always appear unannounced—and that held just as true a couple of weeks ago when I discovered their latest bottled offering, Brown Eyes Ale. Brown Eyes is an American Brown Ale made with blackstrap molasses. It’s 7.5% alcohol and … Continue reading →