Monthly Archives: February 2009

Michelob Honey Wheat

Obviously I wasted no time in trying one of the beers I received in the PR package yesterday: Michelob Honey Wheat was the one. Apparently this one is so new that there’s no reference to it on the Michelob website, nor any general reference on the rest of the web neither. So I guess that makes me the first. Cool—but it’s kind of a pain, as well. I can’t find anything that indicates what percentage … Continue reading →

Press Release: Michelob Brewing Company Turns Up the Wheat

The Michelob Family Continues To Offer New Beer Styles with Its Latest Wheat Sampler Pack After a long winter, beer lovers have anxiously waited to see what new recipes Michelob Brewing Co. brewmasters had up their sleeves to usher in the new year. Well, wait no longer – Michelob Honey Wheat is the newest beer to join the growing collection. This hand-crafted filtered wheat ale, brewed with orange blossom honey from the groves of Florida … Continue reading →

Received: A pair of Michelobs

I received a package today containing two new Michelob seasonal/limited releases: Michelob Honey Wheat and Hop Hound Amber Wheat. Both are new to me—in fact, they’re new to everybody: according to the PR letter with the package, they are both part of a "seasonal wheat beer sampler pack launching nationwide on March 2." The Hop Hound looks the more interesting of the two to me; I’m curious if it’s as hoppy as its name implies. … Continue reading →

Top 10

Nothing new to be found here, but an entertaining diversion anyway: Holy Taco posted "10 Beers You Need To Try Before You Die" today, pretty standard stuff but nothing I can really quibble about. Of course, they culled the list from RateBeer, so at least they have reasonably good taste in beer! (Unlike some of these types of lists I’ve seen.)

Laughing Buddha must change its name

Laughing Buddha Brewing, a microbrewery based in Seattle that’s been making a splash lately for their Asian-inspired beers like Purple Yam Porter and Mango Weizen, is being forced to change their name—but not because of a religious-type objection like one might expect. No, they received a cease-and-desist from an Australian brewing company that packages their "Lucky Buddha" beer in Buddha-shaped bottles. Of course Laughing Buddha isn’t infringing on any actual trademark, but it’s a classic … Continue reading →