Press Release: Rahr Brewery, Texas Parks &amp: Wildlife Team Up

Collaboration inspires Rare Breed beer series Fort Worth-based Rahr & Sons Brewing, LP has joined forces with the Texas Parks & Wildlife Foundation to develop Rare Breed, the newest series of Rahr beers, whose sales are in part dedicated to the protection and recovery of endangered species native to Texas. … Continue reading

Drifter Pale Ale

At risk of spoiling the review, I have to say that Widmer‘s newest beer, their Drifter Pale Ale (which I received the other day), is a revelation. I’m not kidding; I was frankly expecting a run-of-the-mill pale ale (albeit a very competent one, since it’s Widmer), and I was very … Continue reading

The next Session: Tripels

The shine was barely off Session #23 when February’s Session #24 was announced. Musings Over a Pint is hosting: Beer is best when it’s shared, and a strong beer is just right for sharing. Belgian Tripels are big beers with a flavor profile that is enjoyed by both experienced and … Continue reading

Revisiting my 2008 predictions

A year ago I—like many other people—posted a set of five beer predictions for 2008. Since it’s now the new year, let’s revisit those and see how well I did. Here’s the summary list of my predictions: 1) The hop shortage is going to get worse and get more mainstream … Continue reading

First package of the new year

Today I received a promotional beer package containg three bottles of Widmer‘s latest creation, Drifter Pale Ale—the first such package of the year already and it’s only the fifth! (Actually, there was apparently a shipping snafu with UPS, otherwise it would have arrived "last year.") I knew it was on … Continue reading

Press Release: Widmer’s Drifter Pale Ale

SUMMIT HOPS BRING REFRESHING CITRUS TWIST TO NEW PALE ALE FROM WIDMER BROTHERS BREWING Kurt and Rob Widmer, innovators of American-style Hefeweizen, may be laid back guys but they are serious about brewing great beer. Their latest creation, Drifter Pale Ale, is no exception. Brewed with Summit hops, a new … Continue reading

Beer of the month

For my birthday again this year I received a subscription to a Beer of the Month Club (three months’ worth), and I received my first package just before the new year. I already mentioned the Pickled Santa from Ridgeway Brewing; the other three beers are: Christian Moerlein‘s Over the Rhine … Continue reading

The Session #23: The New Year

Today is the first Friday of the month, and that means it’s time for The Session: group beer blogging on a common topic. It’s also the first Session of the New Year, and that leads us straight to this month’s topic, which is hosted by Beer and Firkins: [W]hat will … Continue reading

Beery New Year’s

We had a very low-key New Year’s Eve last night, due to our kids getting sick this week, but we still had a couple friends come over and enjoy drinks and a movie while we waited for midnight. The drinks were beer, of course, and mixed drinks made with a … Continue reading