American Macro Week 2

This week is Theme Week here at the Brew Site and, like last January, I’ve decided to dedicate this week to a(nother) overview of American Macro beers: welcome to American Macro Week 2! Last year’s AMW was fairly one-dimensional: I sat down and drank/reviewed/rated 15 different macro lagers. Those beers, … Continue reading

Press Release: Going Head to Head

Flying Dog Challenges Iron City Beer There’s nothing friendly about the long standing rivalry between the Baltimore Ravens and the Pittsburgh Steelers. But this week, as the black birds of Baltimore prepare for their big game against their rivals to the west, Flying Dog Brewery has got something – well … Continue reading

ReviewsGeist Bock

Geist Bock is Golden Valley Brewery‘s spring seasonal, a 6.1% beer brewed with a bit of poetic stylings in mind: This is one of our rare lagers brewed in the style of the German Heiliges Geist Bock, or Holy Ghost Bock. The name refers to the lighter nature of the … Continue reading

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American Pale Ale

The name might be reminiscent of Budweiser’s American Ale, but American Pale Ale is actually an offering from Golden Valley Brewery here in Oregon that predates the Bud offering by quite a margin. Golden Valley’s own description of this 5% beer is fairly sparse: Golden Valley’s A.P.A. is our finely … Continue reading

Prediction watch

Just a few days after writing up my predictions for beer in 2009, a couple of stories float by which (already) seem to be on target. First, CNN Money has an article supporting my "beer over wine" prediction. It’s not exactly a story in the vein of "beer is the … Continue reading

Alhambra Negra

Alhambra Negra is from Spain and brewed by Cervezas Alhambra; it’s the first Spanish beer that I’ve had that I’m aware of, and it came in last year’s Beer of the Month club package. (Yes, this is another old review.) The style is a dark lager and it’s 5.4% alcohol … Continue reading

Harpoon Munich Dark

Time to catch up on some older reviews. Harpoon Munich Dark is brewed in the style of a Munich Dunkel, dark and flavorful without being too heavy. At 5.5% alcohol, it goes down pretty easy. Harpoon Brewery itself says: Harpoon Munich Dark is a blend of dark malts that creates … Continue reading

Predictions for 2009

Time to try my hand at some more beer predictions for the coming year. I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that a big theme of 2009 is "the economy"—recession, frugality, hard times, etc. This will hit all areas of beer and brewing; witness AB-InBev’s closing of the Stag … Continue reading

Battle of the Light Beers; Theme Week musings

In an article weirdly reminiscent of the American Macro Theme Week I ran last January, Consumer Reports has a "Battle of the light beers": We asked three experienced beer tasters (seriously, they actually spit out the beer between tastes) to conduct blind taste tests of Miller Lite and MGD 64. … Continue reading

Press Release: Karl Strauss Brewing Company Committed to Giving Back

Karl Strauss Brewing Company has a long tradition of supporting the local community, and 2008 was no exception. Despite a turn for the worse in the economy, the company made the commitment to increase their charitable contributions from the year before. This last year, Karl Strauss participated in 284 events … Continue reading