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Michelob Dunkel Weisse

Michelob Dunkel Weisse is the second of the PR beers I’d received back in August and forgot to write about. It’s a new beer, an unfiltered dark wheat beer from the house of A-B, one which I was a bit surprised to see—it’s definitely a departure for them and an interesting style choice. Dunkel Weisse 5.5% alcohol by volume. Appearance: Kind of a dirty, apple cider brown, and murky (because I swirled up the yeast). … Continue reading →

Michelob Pale Ale (2009)

I’ve been sitting on the two Michelob reviews of beers I received way back in August because—well, frankly, I got behind and they got lost in the shuffle. Time to remedy that. Michelob Pale Ale is a beer I’ve reviewed before, and I found it okay but not great. It’s a 5.2% alcohol beer from Anheuser-Busch. Appearance: Honey-colored amber and clear, a nice white head that reminds me of beaten egg whites (though it’s not … Continue reading →

Press Release: Pike Brewing Kicks Off Their 20th Anniversary Year

The Pike Brewing Company kicks off their 20th Anniversary Year with the release of Old Bawdy Barley Wine 2008 and a Vertical Tasting of Archived Vintages Old Bawdy Barley Wine is Pike’s most extreme beer. With a high, starting gravity of 1.096 Old Bawdy has 10% alcohol by volume. The color, like a shiny new penny has amber highlights and a nose that is floral and sensual, like a bouquet of freshly picked flowers. Old … Continue reading →

Press Release: Karl Strauss Brewing Celebrates 20 Years

1989 was a good year—Harry met Sally, a wall fell, the Simpson’s invaded, and two college friends decided it was time to bring better beer to San Diego. Chris and Matt, along with help from world renowned Master Brewer Karl Strauss, realized their dream and opened San Diego’s first craft brewery since Prohibition on February 2, 1989. Today, Karl Strauss Brewing Company is celebrating 20 years of craft brewing in San Diego. And the excitement … Continue reading →

10 Barrel Brewing (formerly Wildfire)

I blogged last August about the dilemma that Bend, Oregon-based Wildfire Brewing was under to change their name. They were soliciting names from the public and I submitted a few myself which (if I do say so) were pretty good—and I’m sure others people entered were good, too. The Brewery Formerly Known as Wildfire did pick a new name back in the beginning of December: 10 Barrel Brewing. I have to say, this name seems … Continue reading →