ReviewsMichelob Dunkel Weisse

Michelob Dunkel Weisse is the second of the PR beers I’d received back in August and forgot to write about. It’s a new beer, an unfiltered dark wheat beer from the house of A-B, one which I was a bit surprised to see—it’s definitely a departure for them and an … Continue reading

ReviewsMichelob Pale Ale (2009)

I’ve been sitting on the two Michelob reviews of beers I received way back in August because—well, frankly, I got behind and they got lost in the shuffle. Time to remedy that. Michelob Pale Ale is a beer I’ve reviewed before, and I found it okay but not great. It’s … Continue reading

Breweries10 Barrel Brewing (formerly Wildfire)

I blogged last August about the dilemma that Bend, Oregon-based Wildfire Brewing was under to change their name. They were soliciting names from the public and I submitted a few myself which (if I do say so) were pretty good—and I’m sure others people entered were good, too. The Brewery … Continue reading


I mentioned the other night how Rogue is brewing Oregon’s sesquicentennial beer for the 150th birthday of our state coming up on February 14th. In fact, that’s not the only "beer and Oregon’s birthday" thing going on next month—there’s also Zwickelmania. This President’s Day weekend, dozens of Oregon breweries and … Continue reading

UncategorizedDRAFT’s best 25 beers of 2008

There’s lots to like with DRAFT Magazine’s Top 25 Beer of 2008, which is perhaps the best "Best Of" list that I’ve seen in a while. It has the usual suspects—The Abyss from Deschutes (yay), Dark Lord by Three Floyds, The Angel’s Share by Lost Abbey—but it balances the list … Continue reading

UncategorizedRogue for Oregon’s 150th

I was preoccupied when this news first came out, but Rogue is brewing the semi-official beer for Oregon’s 150th birthday coming up next month. Oregon’s sesquicentennial is on February 14th—Valentine’s Day—and Rogue was selected to brew a special commemorative ale for the state’s 150th birthday. Sesquicentennial Ale will be available … Continue reading

ReviewsAmerican Macro Week 2: Milwaukee’s Best Ice

Milwaukee’s Best is (anecdotally) a decent beer in the American Macro style, better than many of the others. Unfortunately I didn’t get a hold of any to review this week; it’s only sold (at minimum) by the half-case and I was only buying singles. On the other hand, Milwaukee’s Best … Continue reading

ReviewsAmerican Macro Week 2: Corona Extra

The inclusion of Corona (a Mexican beer) might seem strange for a week about American Macro Lagers, but I contend (or at least suspect) that more Corona is actually sold/drank in the United States than in Mexico. Indeed, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s targeted for the U.S. market directly; … Continue reading