Advent Beer Calendar 2008: Day 7: Schell Snowstorm

Today’s beer is another with a secret, variant recipe: August Schell’s Snowstorm, out of Minnesota. They call this style of beer a "Weihnachtsbier" (Christmas Beer) rather than any traditional, given style (I think that’s a neat way to style it), and it’s 6% alcohol by volume. Here’s their description: Much … Continue reading

Advent Beer Calendar 2008: Day 6: St-Sylvestre Bière De Noël

Today’s pick comes from France: Brasserie de St-Sylvestre‘s Bière De Noël, a Christmas Bière de Garde. This is a hearty 8.5% alcohol ale produced in the Flanders region of France. Here’s a description from RateBeer: St. Sylester’s Flander’s Winter Ale is a rich Hearty winter ale top fermented in the … Continue reading

The Session #22: The Repeal of Prohibition

This month’s edition of The Session is a significant one: it happens to fall on Repeal Day: the day that Prohibition in the United States was finally abolished. Fittingly enough, this month’s topic is exactly that, and is brought to us by 21st Amendment Brewery: In 1920, there were thousands … Continue reading

Advent Beer Calendar 2008: Day 5: Anchor Christmas Ale

Each year doing this Beer Advent Calendar I’ve included Anchor Christmas Ale (their "Our Special Ale") and this year I’m continuing the tradition. However, today is also Repeal Day—and not just Repeal Day, but the 75th anniversary of the Repeal of Prohibition—and what better holiday beer to celebrate with than … Continue reading

Winter’s Bourbon Cask Ale (2008)

Winter’s Bourbon Cask Ale is Anheuser-Busch/Michelob’s effort at the winter seasonal craft beer segment. It’s a 6% alcohol beer aged for several week on oak cask staves and with whole vanilla beans. (I posted the spec sheet here when I blogged about receiving the beer.) I reviewed WBCA last year … Continue reading

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Advent Beer Calendar 2008: Day 4: Mikkeller Santa’s Little Helper

Today’s beer pick comes from Denmark: Mikkeller‘s Santa’s Little Helper. This is a powerhouse of a brew: this year’s version is in the style of a Belgian Quadrupel at 11% alcohol. Check out this description from Liquid Solutions: This 11% quadruple style is a tasty powerhouse. It pours a dark … Continue reading

Yet another brewery for Bend

I’ve written before—and maintain still—that Bend, Oregon, is developing into quite the Beer Mecca, but even I would have thought that we had reached a "brewery saturation point." Apparently not. Our local newspaper reports on yet another microbrewery that plans to open up by spring ’09: Brewtal Brewing. The Brewtal … Continue reading

And yet another Christmas countdown

This year Joe Sixpack (AKA Don Russell) is doing the Christmas countdown thing, too. Each day until Christmas he’s counting down the top 25 beers featured in his new book: Christmas Beer. (Gotta love cross promotion!) The first beers: 25. 2° Below (New Belgium Brewing); 24. Winter White Ale (Bell’s … Continue reading

The Holiday Ale Festival is going on now

The annual Holiday Ale Festival held in Portland (Oregon) seems to be getting bigger each year—so much so, that I’m now thinking of it as the "winter Oregon Brewers Festival." It’s held downtown at Pioneer Square, and this year it runs from today, December 3rd, through the 7th (Sunday). One … Continue reading

Advent Beer Calendar 2008: Day 3: Breckenridge Christmas Ale

Today’s pick is Christmas Ale from Colorado’s Breckenridge Brewery. They bring it home with a good old (new?) fashioned Strong Ale / Winter Warmer. This is Breckenridge’s most popular seasonal brew and it has a loyal following that eagerly awaits its appearance each year. The chill of a Colorado high-country … Continue reading