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I just posted a Deschutes Brewery press release over on the Press Releases page (did you notice? It’s where I’ve been posting those press releases being sent to me—just like I threatened) that I thought was interesting and worth a closer look. (Of course, I’m pretty partial to Deschutes Brewery. … Continue reading

ReviewsNewcastle Brown Ale

Somewhere along the way I missed a step in posting reviews—several steps, actually—and it turns out that even though I received a sixer of Newcastle Brown Ale two months ago, I’m just now posting the review. Really, though, I drank and took notes on it way back then, too. So. … Continue reading

Press ReleasesPress Release: Hop Henge Kicks Off 2009’s Monumental Bond Street Series Line-Up

Deschutes Brewery‘s Hop Henge Experimental IPA returns to the Bond Street Series line-up this January with more hop-forward flavors than ever before. The new formulation is the epitome of the brewery’s experimental style and commitment to innovation, while gratifying their unquenchable thirst for beautifully balanced hoppy beers. The newest incarnation … Continue reading

Press ReleasesPress Release: Holiday Ale Festival Recap

Nation’s economy is down, but it’s not reflected in beer sales Attendance at the 13th annual Holiday Ale Festival stays consistent, bringing in 17,000 beer lovers Sunny skies and mild temperatures set the mood for the 13th annual Holiday Ale Festival, which witnessed attendance consistent with the year prior: final … Continue reading

UncategorizedSpotted in the wild: Costco’s beer

I was at Costco the other day and spotted their own line of beer: Kirkland "Handcrafted Beer." I attached my cameraphone picture below. Grainy, but what they have is Hefeweizen, Amber Ale, German lager, and Pale Ale. I wrote about the possibility of Costco beer nearly a year ago; I’m … Continue reading